Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Teri – It was much easier when I was younger, now my nerve running through my right leg gets aggravated after about 1 hour of driving and feels like it’s on fire. That’s on a very confortable seat, in the RV the position is such it’s much more comfortable than the car so the RV would have been fantastic for this trip.

Big Matt – Yeah, tallying up the costs between both ways of travelling was tedious but keep in mind it’s not just the fuel costs with the RV, there is the cost of 5 days RV park costs and preparing the RV for that kind of use to ensure it can… wait, lets give the real reason for not taking the RV, for Ronda’s 50th birthday she wants to stay in the Heartbreak Hotel for 5 days, there I said it. 0 I suggested bringing a UV light but Ronda refuses, we’re bringing some bedding just in case but I think most Holiday Inn Expresses are pretty good. We are also staying at my Dad’s for a few days as well, I was hoping to stay in a cabin in the Ozarks , we’ll see how it goes time wise.

Jackie – The price of gas is insane, in Chicago it’s gotten to $5.00 and higher and right now it’s in the mid 4’s. In our town we were at 3.93 last night. We’re stuffing a lot into this trip but figured I have to drive that distance anyway might as well stop at a few places along the way! The last time we were in Hannibal was in 2003. Becky’s house was the only one open because Tom’s house was being worked on, as was a lot of other attractions so we’re hoping to see both houses again as we go through.


Big Matt said...

It's a crap shoot with Holiday Inns, mainly because they may not have started out as Holiday Inns ;). I've had both good and bad luck, thus far.

UV Lights are fun and a good way to scare a spouse into never wanting to stay in a Hotel again :p, nevermind motels :p.

I tend to be a more mobile camper, so my campground costs are a lot less, plus the camper is a little bitty critter compared to your rig, so it can go places that yours might not, stayed at my fair share of State parks, County Parks, Fairgrounds, etc... where the nightly rate was around $15-20 vs the RV parks in the area that were closer to 40-50 a night.

Have you got the Allstays Campground & RV Park app on your thunderbolt yet? I love that app, it does more than just campgrounds, it does dump stations, truck stops, RV friendly businesses, Rest Areas, road heights.... all for $5.00.

There'll be a second RV in my near future if all goes well, an older Montana if I can find one, seen a couple of 2003s pop up used recently for $16,000-18,000.

That fifth wheel will take over the fulltime duty as home base, and the camper will go back to being used for travel, making it a bit easier to just take it out for the weekend or what not.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

The wife nixed the UV light for fear of what she might see.

Good point on the mobile size, funny thing is, if I could I'd buy a bigger class A. I have a sickness. :)

Getting the app this week, thanks for the tip, I think you mentioned it before.

Hey, a 5th wheel would be fantastic! I wish you luck in getting it!

Safe travels!