Thursday, February 28, 2013

Planning First Trip

We visited the rig this past weekend and found 5 dead mice caught by those expensive enclosed traps. Being at the edge of a forest seems to keep the mice interested in our rig, we are at 13 mice for the winter and with more traps put down more mice will be caught I’m sure, ick.

This weekend I’ll be going up there alone to throw away the latest kills and lay more traps yet again. I’m also going to attempt driving her, depending on if the snow melts enough at minimum I’ll be cleaning the rig inside a bit, vacuum and run the genny for an hour or so under load.

We have started plans for our yearly first trip to Geneseo for the week before they actually open on 3/30/13. This year we’ll be staying for an entire week, are we gluttons for punishment or what? I’m hoping the weather holds out so I can bring the rig home and detail her real good.

We’ll see what March brings! Smile


JO said...

Hope the weather is kind to you. I want to get going to but Ihave to wait until mid April and I hope the weather is kind to me too.

Merikay said...

The first sign of Spring in the midwest. RVers planning trips. Hope you get some great weather.

Jackie said...

I am excited for you! It sounds like a wonderful trip; I'm glad that the snow is beginning to be history for you. Enjoy to the max!

TexCyn said...

What's with those freakin' mice! They MUST GO AWAY! Wow, sorry that they seem to think of your rig as home.
I hope all your plans work out really well for you. I imagine ya'll are getting a bit anxious.

I did more detailing to my rig today. Will have to blog about it later, maybe tomorrow. Have to edit pics & such. A lot of work, but I'm making some good headway!

Big Matt said...

Have a good trip :), this year is the year of buying 5th wheels for me, and fixing the pickup, so no trips planned thus far :p.