Saturday, December 29, 2012

RV Update & Women

This is an RV blog right? Lately I know with all that’s going on in the world and the RV being in storage, it’s hard to write RV things. The last time we were up there was 2 weeks ago and the “bad” batteries that Scott’s RV claimed were worn out 3 seasons ago are still holding 75% of their charge after 3 weeks… Disappointed smile We’re going up there tomorrow to replace the mouse traps that have new victims and to check the battery state. I’ll probably drive the rig to a gas station and top the tank off since we are down a bit from a month ago, but now in the last week its up 10 cents again, dagnabit.

Ronda picks up her Ruger today, it will be stored in a special place that is kid proof but easily accessible to us. After getting that comment from that guy who hates women but lacks the stones to say his name I thought I would say something about women. Over the years I have always thought of women as these vulnerable creatures that needed protection, I put them on a pedestal.

Women by and large don’t commit the same kinds of crimes men do (of course some do, but statistically by a huge percent they don’t), I believed they think cleaner than we do, that was until I took a crowd of women in my limo (back in 1986) to a bachelorette party. What they talked about in that car that night made every guy I had ever known up to that point including Marines seem tame! I learned something that night and of course continued learning as I grew older. Since then I have come to realize they may be feminine but they aren’t as vulnerable as you think.  They can be tough when they need to, it’s just hard to figure out when we’re supposed to know they want to be tough versus wanting to be protected, us guy’s don’t get this part right a lot of the time.

The anonymous user who posted how much he hates American women clearly wants a woman who caters to him and doesn’t think for herself so he comes up with every vile thought he can come up with and places “American women” into this category. American women used to be considered below men, it took them fighting for their rights to get equal rights and yet we as a country would brag that “all men are created equal”, I know mankind is supposed to include women as well but it sure didn’t seem that way for 160 years in this country did it. Even today too many men think women are to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

American women today by and large don’t take the same crap they took 50 years ago, nor should they. My wife can be very feminine but piss her off and you’ll find the tough side of her real quick. If somebody broke into our house she wouldn’t cower in a corner waiting for me to do something, she would charge out the door and God help whomever broke in. However she knows I would be out first because I believe that’s part of my job, and she knows I aim to do it.

I digress, anonymous miss-understands completely, I don’t know, maybe he was coddled as a boy and didn’t get weaned off until he was 10 or something. Who knows what broke in his twisted mind but I believe that all women are special and overall my belief is they are better then men, not superior mind you, just better people (this is too hard to explain). I believe they are more kind, thoughtful and caring and they make men better people. I know my wife does, there are too many examples of when I wanted to do something stupid and because of her I didn’t do it, how many of you guys out there have almost done something you know you would regret but your wife, girlfriend, Mom or sister stopped you? Now how many times have they saved you from yourself?

American women, like all women all over this globe are to be cherished, treated right and we should try to make them proud of being with us. Men like anonymous have a place in the Arab world where women aren’t considered to be equals but more like property, he should move there since he clearly doesn’t belong here.

I tip my hat to all of the ladies in this great country, without you there would be madness. Red rose



Ronda said...

See how lucky I am to be married to you!?! I know I make you crazy at times, but you put up with the bs and also keep me sane when I feel like I'm going to lose it. I love you honey! ;-)

Jackie said...

Love this blogpost...but LOVE the comment your sweet wife left even more. You two sound wonderful together!! Hugs to you both.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Ronda - At times?!? He he he he, Love you to hon. :)

Jackie - Thanks. :)

Sue B said...

Behind every good man is a good woman!!..and you have a good woman,Erik!!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Sue - True dat. :)

TexCyn said...

Erik, I ended up turning off my anon function. I got tired of being spammed. Even by those that looked like respectable posts, only to find the link was spam. Now I don't get any more stressful emails/comments from them. :)