Friday, December 21, 2012

12/21/12 – Turns Out, It Was Just The End Of The Mayan Calendar



The B’ak’tun happened and we’re still here. NASA stated the world will not end, they even made a video about how it won’t end. Pretty safe hedging your bet against considering how many predictions have come and gone. Winking smile

I don’t think the end really means the end, unless of course it’s an asteroid the size of the one that killed off the dinosaurs in which case, it would have been an end of world event.


Otherwise even the apocalypse as described in the Bible doesn’t mean the end of the world. I’m not a doomsday kind of person, but I do think something bad is coming, be it another war or conflict of that kind. I hope not, the safe bet is I’m right, considering the track record of the world but I hope I’m wrong, we’ll cross our fingers.

We are very glad the end didn’t come because we’re going to host family tomorrow for a Christmas gathering of our step kids and their kids. This will be the first time we host them at our house and we’re looking forward to it. I’ll take pictures and post them when I can.

Have a great Friday everybody!


Jackie said...

Many smiles to you and your family as you gather tomorrow for your Christmas celebration. Family time is an important and beautiful time. I look forward to the pictures that you post.
Merry Christmas.

Levonne said...

It is nice to still be here isn't it Erik! Merry Christmas!

Big Matt said...

Naw, the reason we're all still here is the Doctor saved us once again ;).