Wednesday, November 7, 2012

They’re Here!!! FINALLY!!

Finally, after 1 year of working out the details the contractor has unloaded supplies to replace our siding, tomorrow they drop off new materials and complete the roof! WooHoo! Smile with tongue out  Today they are removing the siding and wrapping the house with Tyvek, after it’s inspected the rest can take place. Tomorrow is supposed to be 60, perfect for getting the roof done, we’ll see what happens!



Anonymous said...

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P.S. YAY! The siding's arrived!

Darjeeling Darlings said...

Very cool blog!

JO said...

Tina has been a busy girl with her sales pitch.

Happy for you to be getting the house fixed. A year, they must be very busy.

Sunny said...

Yay for the new siding! Always makes me happy to be able to make needed improvements.

Anonymous said...
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