Saturday, October 6, 2012

You Know You’re Hard Core When You Camp During 26f With No Heat!!

That’s right, the wife and I are crazy, last night we decided not to turn on the heat because it was only supposed to get to the middle 30’s and we have handled 30’s before with no problem. Well, it got to 26f last night and that’s cold!

I woke the wife up at 8am and she said she isn’t moving until I turn the heat on! Disappointed smile  She is going to kill me when she sees I posted this picture! I turned the heat on and it’s a comfy 66f inside the rig now, we are NOT going another night with it off!

PICTURE REMOVED TO PROTECT…. ME! Smile with tongue out

We are celebrating Halloween up here at Blackhawk campground so the trick or treaters will be hitting us up around 4pm.

Here is Loki’s costume for tonight, the Viking Basenji/Shepard!! Thumbs up


Thorin, the wife and kids will be coming this afternoon for pizza and a big bon fire, if it gets that cold I’ll have to really make it a big one!! This will likely be the last fire we have at Blackhawk until next season.

Our last trip will be to Geneseo on 10/26 for the yearly Halloween festivities and we hope to win first place again! It’s time to head out as soon as Ronda gets back to install the new AC shroud. I’ll be ordering the front one today to get delivered next weekend.

Have a great Saturday everybody!


Merikay said...

Craig is the cold one in our family. He turns the heat on if it gets below 50*! He says he get cramps if he is cold. I say, just get up, get dressed and get moving. But we work it out.

Happy October.

Big Matt said...

Howdy Erik, hope the camping is going well, i'm in Chicago, I tried emailing you from your ham webpage, but never heard from ya.

Are you still at blackhawk?

TexCyn said...

I would have frozen into my boots in that kind of weather...

TexCyn said...

PS, yes, Rhonda is gonna kill you. Loki on the other hand is a cute Viking

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - So do we! :)

Matt - I responded at your blog.

TexCyn - Yeah, it was cold! AQs long as people know she was just making a face she is ok with it so far. Hopefully nobody believes she looks like that all the time, in that case, I'm dead!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

TexCyn - Wife requested..... ahem.... that I remove the picture... :)

Big Matt said...

Hey Erik, I'm guessing yer keeping busy, haven't heard from ya yet after I replied on the blog ;).

Camped down at Kankakee River SP through the 22nd, plenty of room if ya want ya join is :P.