Sunday, October 21, 2012

Endeavor Has Been Moved To Storage

I drove to Blackhawk today to move the rig into the campground storage lot. The rig is FILTHY and we are taking it on the last trip of the year this coming Friday the 26th and coming back on Monday the 29th. We’ll be picking her up Thursday night and then Friday morning I’ll be scrubbing and detailing and power washing the entire rig. Hopefully we are able to get the walnut tar off of her. If not, well, I won’t be a happy camper. Disappointed smile 


I had to back the rig in on an angle to avoid scraping the rear. I’d like to talk to the people who thought having the Endeavor sit so low was a good idea. Ugh, I finally got her into her space, under yet another tree, this time an Oak tree. The huge Alfa 5th wheel next to us will provide shade for the tires almost all day. I’ll post again about this when we pick her up for the trip Thursday.

Have a great week everybody! Smile with tongue out


TexCyn said...

Shade the tires? Do you have tire covers? That reminds me, II should get mine out and use them. will you come wash my rig too? it's smaller..did that help?

Teri said...

Ya know, I see a lot of class A's with the basement storage that are so close to the ground and think, that's not good, and the longer they are the more clearance they should have.

JO said...

Good luck getting that tar off the rig.
Before I left to come back down the mountain I tried to buy tire covers and they were all out. Hope to get some next spring.

Big Matt said...

So, instead of Walnut tar, it'll be crapping tree branches on you :p.

Well, I've extended my stay here in Kankakee, so I'll be in state till the 29th then, I'll be heading back toward michigan again to see the stuff I skipped on the first past through before starting back west on I-80, so might have a couple more chances to visit :).

Diana said...

Try WD 40. It works great on tar. Spray on, let soak a couple of minutes then wipe off. You may have to use a bit of elbow grease but I found this to work very well. Enjoy your last trip Erik! Love Di ♥

Phyllis said...

Before fulltime traveling we lived in our rig for a year under oak trees. EEWW! I can imagine what walnut trees would do. Those things are filthy.

Have fun on the last trip of your season.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

TexCyn - Nope and now I won't need tire covers until Spring! :)~ I'd be happy to wash it but you have to come all the way to Illinois! :)

Teri - Agreed!! The newer models have much higher clearance so one day when we upgrade we'll have less to worry about, I hope.

JO - I also tried to buy some local as well but couldn't find them in our size. This SPring they'll have more so they tell me.

Matt - Funny! I'm sorry bud but I'm so stretched thin the next 2 months. :( Sorry about that!

Diana - I think you mentioned this before and I forgot!! Ronda and I are making a list of stuff to try for this Friday, thanks!!

Phyllis - I now know more about walnut tres than I ever cared to, I HATE them! Disgusting as all heck.

It's going to be in the 70's, all week until..... FRIDAY! Then it drops into the 40's and near freezing for the rest of the last trip. Aside from it being cold while I'm washing the rig we're going to love it!