Monday, September 10, 2012

You See Something Strange Every Trip

On the way home yesterday we pulled onto I88 East and within a mile had to swerve to miss what was left of somebodies AC unit cover. I knew right away it was from an RV. I was averaging 59mph but managed to catch up to the rig, a fifth wheel, minus an AC cover, well, actually some parts were still there because they were still flying off.

I pulled up next to him and honked and he gave me the thumbs up but I managed to signal him to pull over. I walked back to the passenger window and he told me others had told him this as well, so I responded well maybe you should remove the parts that are still lose so people don’t have to swerve around them as I had to.

He replied there's nothing I can do so I’m going to continue on… Disappointed smile  I said ok, have a safe trip and left. I agree there is nothing he could do to repair it, but he could have removed the loose plastic parts that were flapping in the wind waiting to tear off and hit a windshield at least!!


JOJO said...

AH the stupidity of some people. They have no business owning and RV.

Michelle said...

Unbelievable! He knew about it but chose to play dumb? Ah some people I am not going to swear!!!

Merikay said...

Some people! I think I have an answer for you about the group of Diesel Pushers that ran their engines early and then didn't leave until later. They were probably running the generators so they could make coffee and have breakfast. Perhaps they had pulled in their plug the night before. The generator sounds a little different.

We are doing just that right now. We slept in the Alfa last night so we could get an early start. Of course there is no one for miles around.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo - Agreed, I was actually going to offer to go up and handle it for him but he just looked like he didn't care... I don't get it.

Michelle - It's ok to let it out sometimes! :)~

Merikay - Yeah, they were all plugged in, they were all there as a group so I guess it's possible they might have thought about leaving early and a decision was made to wait or something, I'm not sure.

Most have the quiet diesel generators and when run you can hardly hear them a few sites down.

Personally I can't wait to get a DP!! They're AWESOME!!

Diana said...

People just don't seem to care much anymore Erik. You should here some of the stories my husband tells from his trips OTR!! Love Di ♥