Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vacation Comes To An End

The campground is emptying out pretty quickly now, I am doing my duties with tanks and cleaning the windshields and checking the engine etc…

Maybe somebody can explain to me why people with diesels feel the need to fire the engines up at 5:30am, rev them up and idle them for 20 minutes only to shut them off until they leave several hours later? There was a Holiday Rambler club here this weekend and most of them only left around 11am this morning yet most of them cranked up their engines at sun up, I believe I understand diesels well enough to know that they don’t need an early morning warm up for leaving 5 hours later. Disappointed smile

I finally had gotten some sleep when these guys fired up, let me tell you, 12 diesels running at the same time will wake the dead, or wake a guy who doesn’t sleep well making him one cranky SOB.

I finished writing up the instructions for the lady next door so hopefully now that the campground is almost empty she’ll be able to handle most of the  RV chores alone.

Well, time to flush the tanks and begin heading out, we wanted to wait for the mad dash for the exit to taper off. We’re heading back to Blackhawk and pretty soon we have to commit to one more year there or go back to how we camped before leasing a spot… we aren’t sure yet, what do you guys think?


Big Matt said...

It's up to you Eric, but ya don't get to put it away just yet, gotta camp again here at the end of the month when we come through :p.

On the leased site, it depends on if it increased the availability of use of the rig over what you were doing before.

If you used the rig more because it was out at the leased site vs in storage, then it was a good investment.

if it never got used anymore than before, then it wasn't.

Merikay said...

I think it depends on how much you like that park. If you would rather be other places then go. Who knows how much fuel will cost next year or the year after.

TexCyn said...

Depends on if you want to stay stationary or do a little traveling next season. I'm glad you got some time in this year, but it ain't over yet!

JOJO said...

Yes it depends on wether you had more use this way or with it in storage. As you know I changed lots of stuff this summer. I am much happier in this new cheaper RV Park that is 10 times better than the more expensive one. But who knows what next year brings.
Just need to weight out your options and costs.

Sunny said...

If you're really asking.... as for me, I'm all for adventure, new sights, new places! Of course, I'm not tied down to a 9-5 job.