Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday This And That

Today was Prevost day, I must have seen 20 of them heading east on I-90 just West of Elgin, IL. It was also Class A day as there seemed to be a LOT of Class A’s on the road. I love watching them go by, it makes me wonder what kind of journey they’re on or what they have seen.

Today I cut the grass on our RV lot and trimmed everything and made it look nice and neat. Then I went home and did most of the same things there until my back and right hip went out. Then I went back inside and plopped onto the couch and did nothing for the rest of the day.

Oh yeah, I think I left some lights on inside the RV and forgot to plug the rig on and turn the batteries off… ack… going back there tomorrow night to set it all right.  Disappointed smile


Have a great week everybody!


JOJO said...

I think you did plenty of work and deserved to plop on the couch.

Diana said...

Hi Erik, You are not alone my friend. Jake and I did yard work yesterday (Didn't get it all done) and our hips and backs were sore so we quit!
It takes a strong person to get old! He's one vacation this week so I may be here and I may be somewhere else through the week. Hope your back gets back to normal! Love Di ♥

Joel said...

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