Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ford Maintenance, Saturday Thunderstorm & The Sikh Shooting

I dropped off my car last Tuesday for it’s 21,000 mile maintenance plan, a dash rattle, a rear dash rattle, a strange steering wheel buzz that sounded kind of cool but shouldn’t be there, a wheel imbalance and the massaging drivers seat that had a mind of it’s own. This was the first service outside of the maintenance oil changes. My $38,000 2004 Acura TL had been in the shop 18 times in the same time period for a list as long as your arm. Most wouldn’t hear the rattles or feel the imbalance, my wife thinks I’m obsessive, I can’t help it if I feel anything out of balance or have freakishly good ears or that this car is THAT quiet. Disappointed smile

On Friday I picked it up and they had fixed the steering noise, balanced and rotated the wheels/tires, repaired the front dash rattle, the rear dash rattle and could not duplicate the massaging seat inflating on its own. It was fantastic to drive with no rattles again, ok, let me explain the rattles a bit. The newly designed 2010 Ford Taurus was designed to take on Acura and the likes of the Lexus E350 and beat much more expensive cars in cabin noise. It succeeded, the car is tomb quiet at any speed, maybe too quiet, shhhhhh don’t tell my wife.

When I test drove the car back in January 2010 I was biased against it. I for years felt the Taurus was a rental fleet car. The Ford Five Hundred in my view was a better name for their top of the line car so when I got the call from my salesman that a new candy apple red model came in with everything except the SHO option and Navigation I went to check it out just for the heck of it. I miss-took it for the SHO because it has the SHO candy red paint job and the SHO wheels/tires. I thought it was gorgeous!


I did however have a hard time with a “Taurus” costing nearly $35,000, this is Acura, Infinity and Lexus territory. Heck a full blown loaded Taurus Limited with all options is north of 40k!! What balls for Ford to use the Taurus name on such an expensive awesome car! I told my salesman 2 years ago when we found out about the re-design that I would never buy a $30k plus car named “Taurus”, the car is worthy of a better name, like the Ford Five Hundred. So what did I do after the test drive, I bought it of course!

Anyway the guys at the Ford dealer fixed the issues but today on the way home one of the wheel weights fell off and the imbalance is back. Drat, so I’m calling them tomorrow to schedule a rebalance and unlike Acura I know they will handle it. I have done business with Ron Hopkins Ford since 1983, they always do their best to handle any issues that come up.

On the the thunderstorm in Saturday, it was AWESOME!!!!! Power went out down the street and there was 50+ MPH winds and thunder and lightning, simply awesome! Hopefully nobody got hurt, I feel guilty about enjoying storms like that one if people get hurt but watching mother nature, especially after months of drought can be so beautiful.

Next weekend I start getting the rig ready  for our upcoming vacation, 25 days and counting! We are heading to Shipshewana, Indiana and Elkhart, Indiana to enjoy 9 days of camping, museums and Amish country. We can’t wait.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the Sikh temple, another lunatic has caused families to lose loved ones and lives are changed forever because of the actions of one lunatic. No words can convey how people feel for the needless loss of life, I wish I knew the right words to say.


Diana said...

Hi Erik, I'm a Ford fan and like you I hear every little noise that comes from my car. The husband thinks i'm crazy but I told him I thought the car was running a bit rough. I asked the kids if they put different gas in the car and they said "NO".
Then told my husband. He didn't notice it until the second day he was home and said I was right. Anyway she's due for a 45,000 mile check so hopefully that's all it is. By the way, my car is 7 years old and I've got 45,000 miles. Shows you how much I drive!
We all love storms here to unless they get scary, then we go to the basement. We had some rain which I think everyone enjoyed.
I haven't heard about the shooting yet. I am watching the news now. I've been away from media for a few days. Love Di ♥

Sue and Doug said...

congrats on the car purchase!..they are a fine looking machine!!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Diana - I hope to own mine for that long or longer as well! We'll see how it goes.

Sue and Doug - I bought the car in Jan of 2010. I took it in for it's first major service since I bought it, that's why I got so detailed. :)

Big Matt said...

She's an entirely different looking beast than my standard Vulcan powered 97' GL :).

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Big Matt - The new Taurus is 2" smaller than a Ford LTD. It's a HUGE car that doesn't feel huge when driving it. Hopefully they can balance the wheels better this time, one of the weights fell off yesterday.

Merikay said...

I have to say that after being away from the mid-west for over 35 years, I still miss a good thunder storm. A few years ago I was visiting Milwaukee and my relatives thought I was somewhat crazy because I wanted to stary out on the pourch and feel the storm coming! We have rain and wind, but thunder is very rare here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Merikay - Agreed, there is just something about them, I love to watch them!

kcgaz said...

Loved my 1993 Taurus, it was one of my favorite cars and went well over 300k before I traded it in on a Camry. The Taurus was a much better car!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

kcgaz - That's a whole lotta miles! WOW!