Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Windows 8……………… Why Microsoft Why????

I work on networks and computers for a living, which is why I don’t blog about it much. Smile with tongue out  I am testing Windows 8 Build 8400 on a laptop (I’ve beta tested MS OS’s since Windows 95) and on our domain my initial impressions are why Microsoft? Why? Why on Earth would you force the Metro interface on a non-touch PC enabled public? To make it worse, they force this interface on Windows Server as well. Disappointed smile I would like Microsoft to explain why Metro is needed when 99.9999999% of the PC’s and laptops out there lack touch screens. Makes no sense to me, I understand the need to change but give customers an option to use the familiar UI. Windows has given the capability to use an older start menu and look since Windows XP. The vast majority have been very outspoken about how bad an idea it is to force Metro like they’re doing.

You can use the desktop screen which is just like Windows 7 minus the Start menu and hopefully there will be better ways to force Metro to be off. If they ever expect server adoption they better! Anyway, on to some of the good. Networking has finally been modernized and when you’re copying/moving a file to an external drive or network share you get better information plus you can actually pause it!


Windows 8 also provides better multi-processor support than previous versions including Windows 7. The new task manager is better, heck over all the performance of Windows 8 looks to be stellar! If only that Metro UI wasn’t forced down our throats. I know there will be hacks and companies like Star Dock will sell add-ons for the basic desktop but for Joe Average, the out of box experience is going to be a shocker and Metro is not what’s needed on Desktop computers.

Tablets? Sure, touch enabled laptops, why not, phones? Of course! Microsoft needs to re-think this or Windows 8 could go down in history with Vista, we’ll see. Since I have to manage servers I know for a fact I’ll be finding a way to get around Metro, as for my desktop I just create shortcuts on my task bar to everything I use and avoid Metro, so far so good but that’s not how it should be. I use Metro some so I can help users but I’m hoping Microsoft listens to the vast majority who are screaming for them to give us options, my guess is they won’t do it.

Time will tell if I’m right, I think October 26th of this year when the consumer gets it, we’ll find out real quick!


Erik's RV Blog * said...

Some might mention Start8 which gives you a start button and menu but this is something the end user has to figure out and get. There should be a start menu included since Joe Average doesn't know how to mess with these things.

OWS said...

windows sucks mcentosh is tha best! unly losers use winblows! my new pro is the best!

Erik's RV Blog * said...

OWS, I guess using the spell checker is a bit beyond you. You do realize your mighty MAC is nothing but a PC running OS X don't you? The biggest difference is your Mom and Dad had to spend a bit more for it.

Don't get me wrong, I own a MacBook Pro myself but they aren't all that and a bag of chips.

Try writing like an adult, you won't come off like an ignorant kid.

Big Matt said...

I work at Intel, we're not impressed, especially with the headaches of the new file permissions system that locks stuff out unless it's placed using an installer with proper security certificates.

Since alot of the utilities I work with are not actually installed (Mostly they're stand-alone portables that can be ran off a network share of a thumbdrive) we've pretty much pushed Win8 8441 to the back burner as a "Has to be tested, but not used for primary testing" pain, much like Vista was.

As a company, we stayed with XP till 7 rolled out, and it looks like we may stay with 7 till 9 rolls around or a patch for 8 comes out that un-fubars the desktop.

My team has multiple servers, we're sticking with Cent, Debian, and Windows 2008R2.

Diana said...

Well it sounds like "Somebody" likes lots of attention, LOL!!!
On another note, I don't understand a lot about computers Erik. I do remember people saying that Vista was horrible.
I'm sure I'll be using windows 7 until I get a new computer which I am hoping won't be for a long, long time!
Since you work on computers, any idea why Blogger is putting ad's on our blogs now? I really don't like it. I didn't like it on Facebook but don't use that much. This just feels very forced.
I think I will go have a "mcentosh apple" now! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Big Matt - Understood, big time. This may be the first time I don't recommend a Windows upgrade. Windows ME doesn't count because it was too short lived and it was easy to bypass.

Windows Vista was fine for personal use but not for company use due to resource issues.

Windows 7 is the new XP, I may have no choice but to roll it out here at work so I'm going to make sure I know ways of making it run like Windows 7 does.

You guys have headaches beyond mine it looks like. I also will be sticking with Windows Server 2008R2.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Diana - Ads? I don't have any showing up on my blog that I have seen. I just went to your blog and don't see any either? Maybe I missed something?

Yeah, OWS is something isn't he, or maybe OWS is a she? Who knows but clearly they have been through the public school system!

Diana said...

Yes Erik there are three ads on your comment page as well. Underneath it says "Ads not by this site".
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Diana - I see no ads anywhere. How strange is that? I only see ads on blogs that have it turned on for revenue.


Big Matt said...

Diana, it sounds like your system may be infected with Malware or a Browser Hijack of some kind. I double checked Erik's site myself with my filters disabled (Strips the ads and trackers off the majority of sites) and found no ads.

You may want to grab MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Software and do a scan of your system.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Big Matt - Malware that places ads in Blogger? That's a new one! Great advice! Malewarebytes is excellent software and I run it on my systems as well.

Diana said...

Thanks Erik, I will do that!
Love Di ♥

Diana said...

Erik and Big Matt, Thanks. It worked! Even though I didn't know what I was doing.
Love Di ♥

Wanderin' said...

It seems every time we finally get used to the new OS a new one comes around. Of course, it's a money making thing for Microsoft but I'm still happy with Windows 7 and not looking forward to a change again. Thanks for the update though.