Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation Day 1

………… no power… while working on issues at work I realize the TV and AC are off and I was so into it I don’t know how long it was out before I realized it. Disappointed smile  I check the power panel and everything looks fine. Now I’m worried something has broken between the panel and the front of the rig. I see nobody outside checking for power loss so I keep looking inside, breakers and fuses look fine.

Finally I go outside and find the park owner working on a site in the same row with me. He tells me he didn’t think I was here so it was safe to shut off the power… so thankfully nothing was wrong with the rig! It turns out the original site 83 we were on was experiencing power issues, so they had to shut it down for everybody while they figured it out.

I decided today would be a great time to install the HDMI cable from the cabinet up top to the HD TV below. Problem was, how to route it? I took the trim pieces off and what did I find, poop, mouse poop.. ick… most if it fell into the opening in the dash, more ick… I vacuumed as much as I could find, a lot fell onto the carpet under the dash.


The screws holding the trim aren’t holding it anymore so I need to find some washers to hold them in place. HR wanted several hundred dollars for the trim pieces, it’s amazing how they want to profit from such cheap parts. I’ll figure out something, washers will look ugly but may be the only option. This was the most expensive gas model Holiday Rambler built in 1999, yet the trim is so disgustingly cheap and poorly matched up it makes me want to puke. What were the lower models like I wonder.



I forgot to take after pictures but it would just show the trim back in place. So now I no longer have to hook up the Blu-Ray player manually and have a cord hanging down. Now I need to get a 4 inch hole saw and cut a hole into the oak mounting board for the cables to come out of the console for the TV.

One job down!


JOJO said...

filthy critters.
Nice job.

Diana said...

I just woke up. Started reading your blog first. So you have moose poops in your camper right? That's what I read, Moose Poops.
My first thought was how did a moose get in there? Then I remembered I just woke up and reread. It was MOUSE poops, Ohhhh!! I'm sorry for you either way Erik. But so glad it wasn't moose poops.
Are you going to be working through the whole vacation? Now I sound like a wife don't I? Years of practice can't help it. When you're all hooked up, post some camp stories O.K.!!! I want to hear that you are having a good time!!!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo - Whats worse, I touched them when I removed the trim!! IIICCCCKKK!!!

Diana - Moose poop, now that would be something... :)

As Ronda would say, I have OCD, the fact that cable was hanging there drove me nuts so for my sanity I had to install it. :) I'm doing nothing today except go for a walk and watch WWII documentaries.

I'm having a good time plus my wife and best friend will be here tonight for the rest of the week. :)~