Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not Much Going On….

No camping this weekend, was going to stay home and work around the house but my back started acting up last weekend and this weekend it’s useless. I have spinal arthritis that my doctor wasn’t able to help me with so I’m seeing the same guy that helped me a few years ago this Thursday.

Hopefully he can help me out, I have a yard that looks awful right now, a house that needs cleaning and a garage to straighten out. Plus a wood floor to put down in the rig, none of which I can do right now…

End of pity party, need to finish the DVD I made of the slideshow we did for Ronda’s parents so I can give it to them tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday everybody.


lou said...

Erik, sorry for the back issue. When you have back pain, nothing goes well, even breathing. Hope you are back to yourself soon.

Sunny said...

Know what you mean about back problems. i don't like to be slowed down either. Hope you get better soon, Erik!

Diana said...

Sorry about your back Erik. I also have arthritis in my spine. Sometimes all you can do is sit! But you know all that work will be there waiting for you. I understand, I hate getting behind! Love Di ♥

JOJO said...

Sorry about you back. We are having lots of rain and humidity and my hips are a constant reminder of maybe replacement on them next.

There is an RV here in the park like yours. I was going to knock on the door but I knew it wouldn't be you and Ronda.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

Lou - Going to the doc Thursday, never been so happy to go!

Sunny - Exactly, I walked around the house this morning thinking I could remove a few weeds, couldn't even bend over to try.

Diana - You should see me try and tie my shoe laces! Ack!

JoJo - Take a picture of it ok?