Sunday, July 22, 2012

Million Dollar Row

That’s what I called the row of Prevost’s that showed up this weekend, the lowest cost rig was a Holiday Rambler Navigator probably worth half as much but traveling with the Prevost’s. They were all towing pickups with big motorcycles in the bed. One of the Prevost’s, a Millennium version costing a site more than a million had a matching trailer for their motorcycle. We walked by them, they looked at us, we said hello and waved and they all turned their heads back to continue watching the 55” HD TV that extended out of a basement compartment.

I didn’t take a picture since I didn’t have a camera or my phone with me. The Prevost’s were obviously impressive but the rig I liked the most was the HR Navigator. I was hoping to take some pictures this morning but they all took off early this morning. I can’t imagine driving a mansion with all the bling that goes with the opulence provided in the Prevost rigs. I have yet to see one that I would want to own, clearly they are built great but the insides are all polished everywhere to the point of being blinding and over the top. The rigs like the Navigator have interiors more down to earth and not “blingy”. Smile with tongue out

It was revealing to see how the wealthy camp, I would hope their lack of waving or saying hello was just a fluke, not sure how 12 people could all not wav or say hello so I naturally assumed they were snobs but I could be and I hope I’m wrong.

I’m not entirely sure why I posted about this… Disappointed smile  have a great week everybody!


JOJO said...

That is not my way of camping. Who needs that kind of stuff?
It reminded me of trip I went on:
We found a place that only had 1 camper and one tent. It was great.
We took off hiking and when we came back the place was packed. There were large motor homes and men dressed in jump suites cleaning their rigs. we took off to see some sights. when we came back they had a large fire going. No one acknowledge us. NOt that we cared. When we woke the next morning they were all gone.

Merikay said...

Thats one thing I really like about our Alfa. It is not fancy. It feels like home, except it is a lot neater and easier to keep that way.

Erik's RV Blog * said...

JoJo - Typically everybody is nice and wav or say hello. These people just looked at us for a few seconds and it was like we were beneath the effort. Again, could be wrong but there were at least 12 people sitting there and they all looked. We don't care either, it was just strange.

Merikay - Agreed, hey, there was an Alpha here Friday night with full body paint. It was too dark to take a picture of though.

Diana said...

I'm not so sure they should be camping, LOL!!! I'd use one of those rigs if I were on tour perhaps, when I get famous!
If that ever happens, I will remember the little people and wave at least!!! Love Di ♥

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I know what you mean! From my perspective, those particular type of campers seem to think that I am here to serve them. They don't respect the rules of the park .... like cleaning up after their pets. On the other hand I have had some really nice rigs come in and they will offer to let me come aboard and take a look! People .....

Fred Hagedorn said...

A couple years ago we encountered the exact same thing with folks traveling in those fancy smancy rigs. There must have been a club of them at the rv park, at least two dozen rigs.
The black top road between the rows of rigs were being occupied by 6 proud owners. Would they move aside and let people pass? Nope! Just stood their, looked at us, looked away and continued blocking the road. That is until I laid on the horn for everyone in the park to hear.
They moved aside giving me plenty of lip, but I at least was able to exit the RV park. Why couldn't they just move to the side of the road and have their private conversations? I do not consider these type of folks as true RV'ers. And it would be just fine with me if I never meet these type of people again!

TexCyn said...

The park I just left had a big rig pull in. They set up, but I never saw them. Then I decided that oh well, they are just "keep to themselves" kind of folks. But instead, they were just busy as fulltimers & trying to keep up with their work that they do. The lady actually came over to me & introduced her self & even asked if I needed any groceries from her as she just got back from the store! Wow! Of course, I didn't, but it was really nice of her. She had also heard of my dilemma with my transmission, so was concerned.

The Prevost people might just run over my little RV though! ;-)