Sunday, July 29, 2012

Great Weekend

What a great weekend, it got a bit hot out Saturday but the USA is doing good in the Olympics so we stayed inside for part of the day cheering them on. When we went outside we had a visit from Bruce and Val who read my blog! They were there for an FMCA trip. You couldn’t meet nicer people if you tried. I didn’t have my camera or phone with me when they stopped by so here is a picture I took of them when I saw them last year.


Saturday night we had a nice fire until about midnight. The stars were out and we sat there trying to see if we could find any satellites, Ronda saw one but I didn’t. This is how you know you’re really relaxing. Winking smile

Today we celebrated our nephew Nick’s 15 birthday at the in-laws house and watched some more Olympics. Over all, a great weekend.

Have a great week everybody! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Erik,
It was nice to see you over the weekend and to meet your wife Rhonda.
Loki was very well behaved! Maybe next time we can enjoy a fire together. Thanks for your kind words and picture. See you down the road...
Val (& Bruce!)

JOJO said...

Glad you had such a relaxing weekend.

Diana said...

Good for you Erik, I'm glad you were able to relax. Hopefully your back appreciates it too!!
It must be exciting to meet blog friends! Love Di ♥

Sunny said...

Hoping your back is feeling better. Good to have a relaxing weekend once in a while, which it seems like you are always working on something :) Stop and smell the flowers while you're at it.