Sunday, July 8, 2012

End Of The Vacation,

I planned on taking this vacation off a while ago, so as it came closer seeing the temperature estimates almost had me change my mind but we decided to go ahead with it. Last weekend the wife and I enjoyed her stay and Sunday evening she left because she had to work on Monday. I stayed and planned on doing a few things and relaxed, wife's orders, relax…

Regarding the rig itself, it was perfect, everything worked as it should, we found the limits of the AC however but so did everybody. A monster rig Monaco Knight 2 sites down had to run his genny so all 3 of his AC units could run, even then, they left and didn’t come back for 2 days. I used blankets on all main cabin windows and we were able to stay cool for the 4 days in a row that were over 100f with 110f index. We were worried about black tank issues because of past experience but it worked out great even with an utter lack of wind.

Getting back to the vacation, when Ronda showed up Tuesday night we had a great dinner and went for a walk. For 4 days straight we hunkered down inside the rig and watched TV, tried to use the Internet when it worked, which wasn’t enough to post another blog post. It felt like a pure waste of vacation time, something I don’t use as I should but who would have known we would have a heat wave of such proportions??

When you’re stuck inside for more than a few days you better like who you’re with, Ronda and I get along better than most I think so we handled it fine. We discussed going home but decided we are here so why not make the best out of it? So I did some reading and so did Ronda and we did a whole lot of movie watching.  I gained 5lbs… Crying face  we solved world issues, discussed a bunch of others and had some healthy debates, I lost all of them, a default in all marriage contracts for men, even when you win, you lose. Smile with tongue out

We had a good time despite the unreal heat and plan on heading back this weekend so we can have a good fire and to go for a nice long walk. I hope everybody has a great week!


JOJO said...

At least your A/C worked well enough to keep you cool. Our heat wave seems to have past but it is a little humid but bearable. I hope next week end is better. And bring more fruit and veggies :) Listen to me like I would do that. haha

Diana said...

I was wondering how you did with all that heat we've been having. We all stayed in and played board games. Even the teens played with us. Watched some movies. "Mirror, Mirror" with Julia Roberts was very funny. We all enjoyed it.
It's cooler this week. Too bad this wasn't the week you chose. But at least you know your camper can handle the heat well enough. Love Di ♥

Nan said...

Our A.C. really struggled too. That was one heat wave I never want to see again. What amazed me was how some people, I assume because this WAS their vacation, insisted on playing in the 110 degree heat! Now us!