Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RV Update

Got an update from Collier RV last night. They are repairing the emergency flashers, the third brake light, shampooing the carpet, waxing the front and rear caps and cleaning the roof and then washing the rig. There will be no more chalking on the rig this year!!

This is going to hurt the pocket book but it needed to get done, they knocked off $25.00 from the carpet cleaning because they assumed I wanted it done when all I wanted was a quote and it was too late to stop them when he called me. All in all it’s worth it, I have no place to clean the carpet and air it out so I’m glad they did it.

I still have to de-winterize it and put it back in storage which means no matter what I’ll be detailing it again for our first outing this year. No date has been set yet for that though, it will most likely be Geneseo though since they open before anybody else.

Have a great day everybody!


Sue and Doug said...

nice to get the RV all cleaned up..and letting someone else to the labour-intensive work is nice once in a while!!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sue and Doug - Agreed! My back is shot so I have to pick and choose my battles. I still have to install the Allure wood flooring in the bathroom and toilet room. I'm saving my back for that project. :)

Big Matt said...

Hopefully I might be able to see this Geneso campground myself this October (Provided they're still open come then, as that's about the time I'll reach Illinois :) after leaving Oregon in mid September ).

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - They are open until the end of October. Let me know whan you're going and we'll try to meet up!