Friday, March 9, 2012

RV House Batteries

Ya know, back in November of 2010 I blogged about buying new batteries. I waited until Spring of 2011 and during the whole winter the batteries I was told needed replacing were holding up as they should. After 4 weeks they would be down maybe 10% to 15% tops which from my reading is the norm so I left them alone and they worked fine through the 2011 season.

Here it is 2012 and they still seem fine, the water level holds firm and they only need topping off mid-season. So I’m going to again see how they will hold up this year. I think I’ll buy new ones this Fall so I don’t push my luck.

Just thinking out loud… have a great weekend everybody!


Rae said...

Lucky you having them hold out so long. Guess you can't always believe what someone tells you. I distrust most mechanics anyway.

Big Matt said...

How many years have they got on them so far?

JOJO said...

I should check mine. I have owned the rig 3yrs and have never had a problem. Of course I always have electric hook up. I hope they last you all season.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Rae - I hear ya!

Matt - No clue! The dealer said everything was new, yet there was corrosion around the terminals so I know they weren't new when we got the rig.

JoJo - At the very least check the water level on them and have them load tested. ;)

TexCyn said...

I need to get a new coach battery soon. Had to replace my converter a few months back, but haven't done the battery yet as I've been hooked up to shore power anyhow. But the moment the Rv is unplugged, it screams, I can't breathe! The old converter liked to cook the batteries, so I replaced it.

Siobhan said...


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