Monday, March 26, 2012

Email From Da Wife

Ronda is back to work today, I was going to call her to check in when I got to work but when I got there I had a lot to catch up and and lost track of time. I was reminding myself to call her the whole way to work, and forgot.

At 9:00am my wife sent the following…

“I made it to work safely…drive was a little rough, but I made it.  Thanks for asking..  :-/

I’m doin okay…tired…but okay.  Got sick this morning getting out of the shower, but okay now.  Thanks for asking..  :-\

So how u doing??  “

Disappointed smile well as you can imagine I called the second I got the email, she was enjoying herself on how witty she was by changing how the face looked by using different slashes. She is good that way, she really knows how to get a message across! :-\

We both had a good laugh, she is doing pretty good and you can actually see the change this surgery has had on her. Her facial expressions are more positive, she smiles more. I’m looking forward to her progressing and feeling better, she deserves it so much.

I also asked her to start blogging again! We’ll see if this post helps nudge her towards doing so. Smile with tongue out


Diana said...

Oh tell her for me Erik, that I really miss her blog posts. I still check all the time. I am happy that she is progressing well. I'm sure you will see lots of changes soon.
Give her a big hug for forgetting to call and one from me too!!
Love Di ♥

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

Happy to hear Rhonda is doing well --already back at work! Don't know if you know Jerry & Suzy, but Suzy too recently had surg...thot Rhonda might enjoy reading their blog

Donna K said...

Glad to hear Rhonda is doing well and back at work already. Another blogger who recently had that surgery is Loree at

TexCyn said...

Haha clever of you Rhonda!!! Loved it!