Saturday, March 17, 2012

Comment Responses

Big Matt - She works for an Oncology office and I had to go there myself last Monday. I should have test results by this Monday but the Doc said most likely everything is fine so not worrying.

Merikay - Agreed, she is looking forward to seeing the progress and making the best out of this.

Kathy’s Klothesline - Agreed 1000%! She is so happy to be home.

TexCyn - She got some good sleep last night. :)

Diane - She had problems the first few days with nausea but it's getting better. She has done so much research she is ready for this new journey and can’t wait to heal and lose weight. I’m not sure where you sent the email, I checked my account and don’t see it?

Donna B. McNicol - Double knee surgery, wow that’s what I’m due for as well. Ronda has taken great care of me over the years, I hope to do as well caring for her while she is recovering. My problem is stores, I can never seem to find anything!

Margie and Roger - Yeah she is a tough cookie! The price of oil has driven the price of tires through the roof as well. Trying to get two shops to agree on tire size is my newest problem, Camping World says my rig uses load range “G” and Scott’s RV says it takes load range “H”. CW says they don’t see this load range at all anywhere for 245 series. You’d think finding tires would be easier.

JoJo – I’m glad your surgery went well! I also hope your blogger issues get better, it can be frustrating I’m sure.

Thanks again folks!

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JOJO said...

Glad to hear Ronda is home now so she can get well. I wish you both well on the new journey to a healthier life.
I'm trying to learn better eating habits for myself as well.