Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CPU’s Installed, Drastic Difference In Performance

Well, by some miracle the USPS thought they were lost but they appeared at our house today! Apparently they tried to deliver them to a house in Roselle yesterday and the good folks at that house called the postal person who didn’t check the address properly back before they could leave.

Thank goodness for people being home and alert! Hooray!

Here are the Intel E5450 Quad Core Xeon’s installed. I didn’t take a picture of the Arctic Silver #5 that I applied but I did take a picture of the heat sinks installed. The seller of the heat sink was right, it was brand new! The CPU’s work perfectly even though #2 is missing 1 capacitor. I have been stress testing the computer now for over an hour, tomorrow I’ll run a 48 hour burn in and if it passes that test it should be good to go long term.

The system booted up properly and scored an overall Windows Performance score of 7.7, which is fantastic considering it started out before the upgrades at 5.9. The difference is HUGE. Not too shabby for a 4 year old computer I threw parts at! Smile with tongue out 


Huge heat sinks that are passive and do a great job. I could have gone with Xeon X5460’s but they are 120 watt’s each and have a rating that wouldn’t have gotten me much more performance for the money but they would dissipate A LOT more heat.


Pre-upgrade the system scored overall 5.9 (it uses lowest component score)

Processor – 6.6

Memory  – 6.6

Desktop Graphics – 6.8

Gaming graphics – 6.8

Primary hard disk – 5.9New_Win_Score

New video card installed…


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Diana said...

I'm so glad the Postal Service made the delivery Erik. It's like rollin' the dice with them anymore!
Glad your computer is coming together for you with a good performance to boot, get it?
To Boot? HaHaHa...
Love Di ♥