Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Rig Has Company

It’s another Endeavor, you think they’ll get along?


Sunset, the HTC Thunderbolt doesn’t capture all of the color but it’s still nice.



Sunny said...

Really nice sunset, Erik. Red sky at night, sailor's delight!

Merikay said...

Big sister? Is that your storage place? So nice and flat, and uncluttered.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sunny - Yep! I need to bring my Canon T3i with me more often, it better captures all the color in the sunrise and sunsets.

Merikay - The lot is going to be pretty full come the end of this month. Oh, I forgot to mention, NO MICE! Well, so far anyway. :)

JoJo said...

Just tell them to play nice maybe they will listen.
Pretty sunset.

~~Sue and Doug~~ said...

nice sunset and really nice that your rig has a new 'friend'!!

Diana said...

Pretty sunset Erik and I think the Endeavors should get along just fine!!
Love Di ♥