Sunday, October 2, 2011

X-Ray By Chiropractor Finds Aneurysm?!?!

We are at the Blackhawk Valley campground for the weekend so we can visit my wife's Father in the hospital. He is recuperating from heart surgery a little bit slower than they hoped for. While we were there yesterday they had him up and walking for the first time since the surgery on Wednesday and he made it around the area the doctor asked for.

I found out that his doctor’s missed finding the aneurysm during their tests, X-Rays, MRI etc… but his chiropractor discovered it on an x-ray he took and wasn’t even looking for it. Go figure! Disappointed smile  Had it not been found it’s very likely he would have died suddenly because the aneurysm was around 5.5mm which is borderline, when they get just a bit larger they can burst and even if they have you in the OR it’s too late. Thankfully he is going to have a full recovery and should be around to drive his grandkids crazy for a long time to come! Smile with tongue out

My wife and I had been wondering if getting into the RV lifestyle was a bad idea considering the stress and amount of work/money I have had to put into it. An older couple walked up to me yesterday as I was getting something out of the SUV and said “what a beautiful RV, wanna trade?” and in my head the first thought was, you mean this 13 year old RV that I am constantly working on? We had a pleasant conversation and they continued on their walk.

I went for a walk later and saw them getting into their TT, it was a small one and I don’t know their financial situation, heck they could be filthy rich but it’s also possible it’s all they could afford and considered my rig a big upgrade, or they were just being nice but I digress the conversation reminded me that not everybody can afford to buy any kind of RV be it a fancy new Newmar or a Pop-Up so maybe I shouldn’t feel so sorry for myself when things aren’t going so well.

Well, time to pack it up, this place has a Noon check out so it’s time to start doing the chores!

Go Bears!



Merikay said...

Yes, we should all count ourselves lucky to have what we have. Mold, mice and all! :`)

Alan and Marilyn McMillan said...

We are blessed to have our MH and the lifestyle to go with it -- and thank goodness for extended warranties!!

JoJo said...

Good to hear your father in law will be OK and thank heaven for his Chiropractor.

How is your mold problem anyway?

TexCyn said...

Wow, scary situation for the family, glad his chiropractor caught this. Go figure! And I'd take the older couple as only joshing. We all want what we don't have ;-)