Friday, October 28, 2011

Geneseo Day 2

It took longer to get here yesterday because of construction and I may have missed an exit taking me miles further than I needed to go. Disappointed smile  So I didn’t take any pictures, I needed to get set up for work as soon as I got here. The owners of the RV park asked everybody to shut off the water last night because temps were supposed to get down to freezing. So, I filled up a bunch of 1 gallon water jugs and at 10pm turned off and disconnected the water supply.

This morning it’s 31f and frost everywhere, I checked the water connection and it was fine and the sun is pointing right at it so I re-hooked up and turned the water on. I then got Loki and we walked around and saw that not a single person shut their water off last night, all valves were up. Disappointed smile I’m sure Kathy from the KAN-DO campground isn’t as shocked as I was. It’s supposed to get colder tonight so I wonder if they’ll walk around and tell people to turn the water off or not.

Today I have to work but I’m going to try and fit in decorating the site and taking pictures of the other sites as people get them completed. Tomorrow should be an interesting day with all the festivities planned.

Stay tuned! Here is a short video of Loki playing… (taken with my cell phone)

Geneseo day 2, Loki playing


Sunny said...

Beautiful dog, Eric! Looks like a decent campgroungd you'll be staying at. Is this for the harvest decoration weekend?

TexCyn said...

Oh Loki is so cute! She sure is having fun :-)