Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bye Bye 12S267…. You Will Be Missed!

I finally sold one of my 12S267’s, for a $600.00 loss but in this market I was lucky to find a buyer. The good news he saved enough money to have the cabinet completely restored so this radio will end up looking like the one on the left. I know in this picture they both look great, the one on the right is great but needs veneer repair. The one on the right is worth about $2,000, the one on the left is worth between $3,000.00 and $4,500.00, even in this market. Finding a buyer now is difficult for sure but I didn’t buy either of them to ever sell them.

So, in the end they are worth what people will spend….  When he gets the cabinet back he’s going to send me pictures, I can’t wait!


Roy just finished going over every nook and cranny, my last offer didn’t budge. I told him if it doesn’t sell at that point I’m sorry he wasted his trip. We ended up agreeing on my final price so I disassembled it and we loaded it into his van.





JoJo said...

I knew some one who had one of those. I wonder what happened to it. They have passed many years ago.
Its hard to part with things of such nature.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Agreed, imagine what was heard through this back in WWII, the original radio shows with the family huddled around it.

Pure American history, it hurt me to sell it. Thankfully I have another one just like it plus a household of other ones to enjoy.

JoJo said...

Hi Erik it me having trouble getting on my own blog again its something in this new computer and I think it might be norton.

JoJo said...

Erik just ignore me I am back on my blog. Still think it has something to do with Norton.

Big Matt said...

Personally, I always like to get my hands on older units that the fit and finish is in need of TLC, but the guts still work.

I still regret to this day not getting that 1932 Phillco Cabinet Radio for $50. The wood needed to be sanded and refinished, but that could have been done for about $30 in materials and a few days labor (We refinish things alot in my family, our last big restoration was a 1905 Kroger & Sons Grand Upright piano that we bought for $400, all it needed was a tune up and a refinish as it had been around the country a couple times, including spending some time in a Chicago speak easy).

The radio was working fine, even with the loop antenna missing from the cabinet.

Turned it on and pulled in signal from Nevada. Single dial display, had the old police bands marked on it.