Saturday, August 20, 2011

RV Update & Solo Camping At Paul Wolff

I picked up the RV last night after the dealer replaced the Cyclone vent a former employee installed a few weeks back. Turns out they are replacing a large number of employees including the guy who used to be my service connection there for bad job performance or as in the case of the vent installer, incompetence. The replacement employee for now is his boss who has been very receptive and even had the rig washed for me to help offset the gas used to go back there again. The new vent is installed on an extension pipe as it should be and when it stops raining I’m going to go up there and see how it looks. From the street level it looks great and even the smallest breeze turns it which will really help keep the black tank smells in check.

Since the rig had essentially full gray and black tanks from last week when I picked it up last night if there was a problem I would have noticed when I picked the rig up. There was no smell what so ever. Pre-cyclone vents you can guarantee the smell inside after a week in hot weather would have been pretty bad. Looks like bad smell issue is resolved, woohoo!

I decided earlier this week I would go solo this weekend since my wife had things to do this weekend. I slept maybe an hour in total, missed the wife and the mutt ya know and it was too quiet in the rig. As Dennis over at “Dennis & Carol’s RV Adventures” would say, saying I missed the wife = points. I’ll have to ask her and she what she says. Smile with tongue out 

Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight, missing the wife on night two (more points ya know), maybe I’ll call and bug her. Angel They were/are calling for storm(s) and it didn’t disappoint, this morning the skies got nearly pitch black and we got hammered by an awesome thunderstorm, like a meathead I forgot to record it on my fancy schmancy new camera so no video of it but I took a few pictures and I’ll post them later.

I'm working today so I better get back to it, I’ll post again tomorrow or if something exciting happens today. Have a great weekend everybody!


Merikay said...

Your dealer problems have inspired me to be a real "hard ass" on getting things done in the future if I need to. I'm usually such a push over, but unacceptable is unacceptable.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Merikay - 1000% agreed! You have to let them know you will not accept anything but a job well done. I let Collier know they would lose a customer over a lousy vent and they stepped up and installed the new vent perfectly and then they washed the RV.

Why not install it right in the first place!! When I went to pick up the RV they were all great, they drove to the storage place so I could leave my car there.

They did what they could to make up for a mistake and for that I commend them.

Have a great week Merikay!