Saturday, August 13, 2011

RV AC Unit(s) Cleaning & Cyclone & Job Update

I apologize to everyone if I made it seem like I have been at my job for decades, reading the blog I can see why this was assumed. I have been at this job since Sept of 2002, it was a 2 week job that I bid on and the owner at the time liked my work ethic and asked me to stick around, I’ve been there ever since. The new owner has been there since 2003 (as a partner) and if it wasn’t for him the company would never have made it, pure and simple. I always worry about how long my job will last because of the economy and I know there is only so much the owner can do, either clients use our service or they don’t. The Government keeps coming up with new rules that make it harder to compete, but that’s another blog and there is nothing that can be done about it.

I don’t want to get into great detail here so I’ll end this part with this, I spoke to my boss last night and he told me he wants me to get better and asked how things went with the doctor and the meds. I know he doesn’t understand what’s happening and probably feels I could tough it out better, he has been understanding though and has never said get your ass to work or else and I thank him for that. I also built the network so I can do anything but hands on work so that helps a lot. For example, I’m at Paul Wolff campground right now working on some backup issues at our CoLo and will end up remote rebooting a server after fixing the problem. I’m going to sit down with him on Monday and try to explain without going into disgusting details exactly why when the nausea sets in I can’t make the commute and I’ll see how he reacts then. On to the RV.

Today we decided to take the RV out for the weekend and have family over if the rains don’t come, if they do family won’t be coming over. The issues I have been having the past few days seems to have subsided a bit, I skipped an injection Thursday thinking Friday would be better, wrong! Anyway, it’s Saturday and we have a rolling house with a bathroom so I’m good, maybe I should drive the RV to work, guaranteed no problem getting there! It would cost a fortune though and where do you park a 36ft RV in Chicago? Smile with tongue out

I digress, this morning I decided to clean the air conditioning filters because they were looking pretty dirty. I cleaned the front one and checked everything out and it looked fine. I got to the back one and when I opened the lid this is what came out, a bunch of wires, one bunch was duck taped, not very well either. Whoever did this, my question is how hard can it be to clean up the wires so they aren’t a tangled mess? I cleaned the wiring up, taped off the colored wires and the tucked them in and wire tied them so they can’t flop around.



Next I went up on the roof to free up the Cyclone vent that the dealer Dicor’d to the vent stack rendering the vent useless unless the wind was pointing perfectly so it actually could do it’s job. I cut away as much as I could but found the Dicor is actually under the lip of the vent body so it’s in the movement part of the vent as well meaning even if I remove all of the Dicor this vent will never move on it’s own again. I sent a picture to the dealer with a note that they have this week to fix it, properly. I also sent instructions for how to raise the vent properly and mount it so it can move freely. I also told them they will not re-use this old vent as it’s caked with Dicor in its mechanism and they don’t want to lose a customer over a poorly installed vent so please do it right, they have already been paid for this so that’s why I’m not going to fix it, they are.


I’m taking some nice pictures of the area and will post them later tonight.

Have a great day everybody! Smile


Big Matt said...

Man, that vent is a mess.....

JoJo said...

That is so sad, what kind of work is that? But then I had a new awning put on my porch and you should see the flood I had last rain. Its on my blog if you care to see the pictures.
Have a great weekend

Erik's RV Blog said...

Matt - Yeah, looking at the control box it has these wires for a heat pump. Since my rig has a furnace it's not needed. You'd think they could do a better job with the wiring though!

JoJo - I need a link to you r blog! :)