Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pictures From Paul Wolff & I Meet Blog Followers!

I was at the dump station  when I saw a man on his bike coming up to me. I knew right away it was Mr. Anonymous Bruce. I apologize Bruce, I’m sitting here trying like crazy to remember your wife's name and I think it’s Gail but I am so bad at names I’m not completely sure. Embarrassed smile

Bruce and his wife are such nice people and they are dealing with some of the same issues we have had with our rig. They are very patient personable people and I hope to meet up with them again soon. Bruce, if you’re reading this give Collier a call and ask them about SealTech (, it’s amazing how fast it can find water leaks, even where you didn’t think it might be leaking!


Here are the pictures of the old Cyclone install versus the new install. Night and day difference for sure.

     Poorly installed Cyclone vent                Properly installed Cyclone vent!

SAM_2322  SAM_2340

Amazing how something done properly can not only look good but work so well. It takes almost no breeze to turn the vent, great job Collier!

Here are a couple of interesting RV’s I saw at Paul Wolff. I was working when I took most of these shots so they were taken from inside my coach. I love the style of the older coaches. Put a super slide and bedroom slide into some of the older coaches and I’d be a happy camper owning them!

          Here is “The Executive”                           An early 90’s Pace Arrow

IMG_0227 IMG_0229

      Nice travel trailer / pop out               Large tear drop with a slide, very cool!

IMG_0231 IMG_0250

Working until 9:45pm then I put in “Flags of our Fathers” Awesome movie! The new camera makes the interior seem so small, I need a wide angle or fish eye lens. There is no flash here so I think the pictures turned out pretty good.

IMG_0256 IMG_0259

Here is how Saturday looked… I was going to buy some wood, it rained that night as well so I just stayed in and worked and watched movies.


I also cooked my first breakfast in 12 years. Lets just say there is no way in hell my wife would have eaten what I cooked. Here is what I was going for, 2 eggs over medium, bacon and diced potatoes. Here is what actually happened, the eggs were over cooked, the bacons was perfect, so she would have eaten the bacon but the potatoes were over cooked so I mashed it all together and it was more edible at that point.

I think my wife is going to continue doing breakfast and I’ll stick to the grill, unless I go solo again in which case I need to step up my breakfast game or I’m going to starve!

Oh, almost went the entire weekend before discovering we have a soft spot in the bathroom floor. I don’t think this is a new leak, I think it’s the result of an old one so next time we take the rig out I’m going to remove the ceramic tiles in the bathroom and see what’s going on. I’ll update about that when we get a chance to work on it.

Positive note, we averaged 8mpg on the last tank. Considering we have a 36ft wide body with a super slide and the rig weighs in at 22,000lbs being run by a 275hp V10 I can’t complain.

Driving the rig home today in 78f temps and no wind was a dream, I drove one handed most of the way and it was so smooth and quiet I honestly could drive this thing cross country on days like this.

Have a great week everybody and thanks for stopping by!



Margie and Roger said...

Glad you had a nice weekend despite the rain. Hope the bathroom floor is nothing serious. Seems like it is always something when you own a motorhome. Thought for the day: They make pre-cooked bacon now. Saves the mess and it tastes good.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I don't remember it being soft in the past but then I don't remember paying attention because the ceramic tiles have been loose since we bought it.

I honestly can't stand the tile so this is a good excuse to remove it and see what's going on.

My wife buys pre-cooked bacon and its actually pretty good!

Sue and Doug said...

bacon and eggs and potatoes! that is camping breakfast!..too bad about the rain but it looks like it is nice and cozy inside!!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sue and Doug - I don't know how you screw up bacon eggs and potatoes but at least the bacon was good!! :)~

I'll keep trying, maybe the wife will let me cook during our next outing.

Big Matt said...

My neighbors have a similar looking RV to that Pace Arrow, except its even longer and has a tag axle.

Its a rather nice unit for a non-slide, I certainly wish I had a bathroom as large as their's ;).

Anonymous said...

Hey Erik thanks for taking the pic it's the first picture of us with the RV and it turned out great. Gail was a safe guess since there are no Gail's in my past but my wife's name is Anonymous Val :) It was nice to meet you and we and look forward to crossing paths in the future. Breakfast at our place?

Erik's RV Blog said...

Bruce and Val,

I may be back at Paul Wolff this weekend, not sure yet. I have to work Saturday again but I could fit breakfast in easily. As you may have guessed my cooking is horrid so if it's breakfast at your place every tummy will be better off!

It was very nice meeting you guys and I look forward to seeing you both again.