Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paul Wolff Camping Trip

It’s Sunday at the campground and I’m working today from the comfort of the RV. We took site # 23 which in this place is primo which is unusual for this place, typically this section is occupied every weekend. With the storms coming in I think many people decided to stay home.


As you can see we got a spot surrounded by trees, well, as much as one can be in a place where most trees were removed. Typically we get stuck in a wide open spot that’s hard to level on. The rig was almost level right as I parked it!


      This is the campground office.                         Fees and rules.

IMG_0159[1] IMG_0157[1]

                                         Our site from the back.


                Storms rolling in.                           It’s not camping without a fire!!

IMG_0181[1] IMG_0195[1]

                                      More storms rolling through


                                   Loki is enjoying the nice temperatures!


                               Not many people, most sites are empty.


                  There are more campers where the sites have no trees.


That’s it from Paul Wolff, they revised the weather for the rest of today and this week. They lowered our highs from the 90’s all week to a hi of 81 on Thursday! Thursday as of yesterday was supposed to have a heat index of 110 with humidity of 95%, thank God that might not happen now.

Have a great Sunday everybody!


Teri said...

This campground is near my brother-in-laws house. I may check it out and go visit them.

Sue and Doug said...

nice looking campground and great that you got the primo site!!!

Ash said...

That's a great looking campground

The Tuckerbag

Big Matt said...

Not a bad campground, Erik, I for one prefer sites with trees, mainly because I have no satellite tv, so shade is far preferred as the A/C doesn't have to work as much to keep the camper cool.

JoJo said...

Nice site Erik, glad the weather worked out for you.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Teri - I recommend the section to the left along the tree line that we stayed in. TV reception is horrible but the trees keep you nice and cool!

Sue and Doug - We got pretty lucky, the storms came through but who cares! The temps were so September like and while I couldn't go for any walks it was very relaxing.

Ash - Agreed! Considering 10 years ago it was tents only they have come a long way!

Matt - We prefer trees any chance we can get by them. ;)

JoJo - I don't know what blog you have, your name doesn't come up with anything I can click on. I may actually be following your blog but I have so many I can't keep up! Can you post it the next time you comment? Thanks JoJo!

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Looks like a pretty nice campground with good spacing between the sites.

JoJo said...

I thought when you clicked on my name it came up. Of course I never tried it before

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about this campground. We live in Crystal Lake and checked it out last night. We are going to go there Thursday and stay through the weekend. We enjoy reading your blog.

Erik's RV Blog said...

JoJo - You're the only follower with a Blogger ID that doesn't come up as a link when you comment so when I click your name nothing happens. Thanks for the link! I added you to my list of blogs. :)

Chuck and Anneke - For a local Government run facility it isn't bad at all. What a lot of people don't like though is they mass cut down old growth trees for many of the sites which made very little sense to those of us who frequent the place.

Anonymous Bruce - We'll be there again as well. Not sure which site but we try to stay in the first section to the left so look us up when you get there or post what kind of rig you have so we can look out for you!

Safe travels folks!