Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Out For Delivery – My Finger Nails Are Gone

I had the DSLR camera shipped to my work, only problem with that is it’s a business and UPS/FED-EX loves to just walk up to whomever they bump into in the building and hand them the package and people just sign. Disappointed smile My thought process may not have been too smart on this one.

It says “out for delivery” so by refreshing that screen I know they haven’t just given the package to anybody and had them sign for it. If I see it switch to delivered I can call right away and let them know they screwed up again.

I’m crossing my fingers, UPS typically shows up around 9 to 10am but they have not showed up yet so “by end of day” might mean they show up after 5pm, which they have done in the past knowing full well this building is locked up by 5pm. So I have bitten my finger nails because I don’t want to get into a “UPS lost case” like others have had to do in this building.

So cross your fingers that they get it right! Thumbs up  If it does get here then there will be pictures posted soon!


Judy and Emma said...

Good luck with that.

Sue and Doug said...

good luck..hope you get your hands on the camera!!!