Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It’s Here! WOW What A Camera!

UPS showed up, I put the camera together, no instructions and clicked off a few pictures in fully automatic mode. This thing can make anybody seem like they know what they’re doing! I couldn’t take a video so not sure what I did wrong there, I’ll be reading the book when I get home.

Here is a picture I took in fully automatic mode stepping outside the office. Warning, it’s nearly 7 megs in size. I tried to set it so when you click on it you get the original size photo which is 5184x3456. I have a lot to learn but it looks like Canon sure did a good job of making it easy for a newb like me.



Sue and Doug said...

nice work on your first photo!!!

Erik's RV Blog said...

Blogger cropped it, or Windows Live Writer did, I think I may have to post them at Flickr and then link to them from here because when it crops the picture it may as well have been taken by my point and shoot so much detail is taken away from the picture.

I have some testing to do!

Diana said...

I am Sooooo jealous!!!! But I am happy that you received your camera! Nice photo Erik, I think you will be happy!!! Love Di ♥