Monday, August 1, 2011

Dealer Update & Slide Topper Before And After

I spoke to State Farm, the total for the repair(s) turned out to be $2,213.69 including the Cyclone vents and body shop work. This is much better than the $2,800 I was told before considering it covers everything, not just the topper itself. It helps to have all of the information! As usual State Farm came through. I have a voicemail at the dealer so we can discuss getting the slide topper cover installed and the Cyclone vent repaired.

With the original Slide Topper / Awning, the arms allowed you to double it into a window awning which would have been fantastic if the dealer who sold us the RV didn’t break it on delivery day (too long to get into). The new topper doesn’t have this capability but it didn’t matter since the old one didn’t work anymore.Old Slide Topper

The new slide topper looks nice, I’m going to get the cover to complete the install if the dealer balks at doing it. I think it will look great fully enclosed! This slide topper extends further towards the drivers window allowing for water run off from rain and the air conditioner. The body shop did a fantastic job repairing the holes from the old topper. Open-mouthed smileNew Slide Topper


Sue and Doug said...

finally some good news for you!!..yippee!!!

Diana said...

It looks very good Erik and with a bonus savings! Now you can have some fun! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

Thanks folks, step by step she is getting there! A camper at Sugar Shores said the rig looks like brand new, makes the hard work worth it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Erik..
Thanks for writing. Hang in there. Some folks are rude...their underwear is too tight or their mortgage payment is too high.

Like your blog.
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