Sunday, August 28, 2011

Busy Day Listing Stuff On eBay & Craigslist

Want to see time fly by like it’s nothing? Put stuff on eBay and Craigslist! Wow today went fast!

I listed the 1938 Zenith 12S267, Icom Radio station, Pump Organ, Farmers Hutch, 1917 RCA Victrola and Hamilton Collection Telescope. If all of these items sell, our rainy day fund will be on it’s way. Or if this year is any indication of last year, it will go towards our taxes. Disappointed smile

If any of you wonderful people are interested in these items let me know and you’ll have first dibs.

12S267_2 IMG_0297

PumpOrgan2 Farmers_Hutch1

Victrola1 Telescope


JoJo said...

Beautiful old pieces I have a hutch very similar to yours was in my dads house. Good luck with the sale

Sue and Doug said...

good luck with the sale! the old hutch..but we are not getting anymore 'stuff'!..time to purge and purge again!!!

Big Matt said...

Welcome to the waiting game, I've had my D60 axle on Craigslist since May and haven't gotten a single ping back yet, even after chopping $200 off the price.

Erik's RV Blog said...

JoJo - Thanks!

Sue & Doug - Thanks, yeah we are trying hard to sell things off but unfortunately the scammers are all over Craigslist and that seems to be who is responding to the ads the most.

Matt - agreed, I think it's going to be a waiting game but I'll keep trying!

Mike and Cindy said...

Hey Erik!
First off, thanks for join my RV Blog. It's a slow work in progress. Secondly, I'm a HAM also and would love some info on the Icom. ....and the AM/FM radio, awesome. How's about letting me know where you've got em for sale?

Best of luck in moving along on your full timing. By the way, the house looks awesome! ...very neat yard.