Monday, August 22, 2011

Ah Ha! I Think I Know What Softened The Floor!!

Our toilet has a spray rinse hose similar to what kitchen sinks have in a home. I have noticed it has sprayed water when you flush the toilet so I make sure everybody who uses the lav remembers to be sure that sucker isn’t spraying when they’re done. I put down a towel under this sprayer to catch anything that might drip.

This is great for us and all but judging by how well, errr scratch that, how poorly the previous owner took care of things that sprayer may have been leaking for a long time prior to us buying this rig. The tile under the sprayer looks to be fine, no cracks in the grout that I am aware of (I’ll of course have to check next time we are in the rig) so I think water ran to where the cracks in the grout formed which is in front of the toilet and settled there to slowly rot out that small section of floor.

I could be wrong, God knows it could be a leaking toilet seal as well but if it were a leaking toilet seal I think there would be a stinky smell as well and the smell we get in that room is something like a stale smell which when mixed with the past methane odors was masked. Now that we are free from the tank odors we notice this lingering staleness.

I’m of course grasping and won’t know until I check it out but I’m going to buy a replacement sprayer, an upgraded one if possible and then remove the bathroom tiles and see what I can see. I’ll take pictures as well of course.

Till then, have a great week! Thumbs up


Sue and Doug said...

good luck with the fix!..hope it is a quick one!!

Merikay said...

Yuck. But good luck.

JoJo said...

Speaking of leaks in the rig. I have a simelar problem. But mine seems to leak from the back top and I bet its the same problem. I have brought it in 3 times and 3 times he never checked the toilet. When I get home in Oct I have a trip planned the following week end. I will take in to a different place when I get back. I would hate to be sitting on my throne and end up sitting under the rig do to floor rot.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Sue and Doug - I hope so! :)

Merikay - Yuck is right, but ya got ta do whats ya got ta do! I don't look forward to working in that area.

JoJo - Good luck! Ask if they have SealTech, if there is a leak, it will find it!