Sunday, March 13, 2011

RV Trip Prep

I went up to the RV today to remove the TV and check out the compartment’s and what do I find, ANOTHER DEAD *#&$^ MOUSE!! We went almost 3 months I think between catching mice so what was this little guy doing in the rig? I had hoped I could clean up after the mice but left the traps in place until I pick it up for the trip on the 29th.

I pulled out the pile O junk TV the dealer installed and found it was smashed against one of the air tubes for the vents on the passenger side. That explains the weak airflow and why the TV looked like it was protruding from it’s mount. Now I need to figure out the wiring, I installed a combo DVD/VCR a few weeks back and I could not get the picture to show up on the TV, so that’s another project. I also found out the wiring the dealer installed for the digital converter was done wrong, it works but if you move the converter the wire comes out the back and bye bye TV signal, would it have killed them to at least crimp the wire? Disappointed smile 

Anyway, the TV is out, I currently have a 26” Samsung HD LCD that I could mount in this spot but it will over hang on either side about 2 inches. Or, I could find a smaller TV that can mount inside but because all TV’s today are wide screen there will be a gap below the TV and lets face it, it will be a tiny picture. I suppose I could do that and mount a thin Blu-Ray DVD player beneath but I hate tiny TV’s, my laptop has a 20” screen, how could I go smaller for my TV?? Smile with tongue out

Much to mull over, I’m going to do some research on what might fit, I brought the frame for the console home, maybe I’ll go over to Best Buy and see what fits within….SAM_1854


I.M. Vayne said...

To solve that TV problem, I'd puzzle on that hangover solution fer a while if I was you, which I ain't, case anyones a wonderin'. Maybe ya should try it out on yerownself afore that TV, which could put ya in the right frame of mind when you do tackle the TV. You might look at it different, you knowing yer own eliminations the best.

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Big Matt said...

Okay, let's see....

First off, what is feeding the gray coax cable in the bottom right hand corner of the pictures? Is that solely connected to your internal cable/antenna lines, or are you attempting to feed the DVD/VCR combo to the set via that cable?

As to your flat screen dilemma. What kind of surround was on the front of that cabinet? It appears to have been removed.

Ideally, what you want to do is get some nice oak or other hardwood and secure it in the opening. A piece of oak face sanded plywood could easily and inexpensively be stained and varnished to a similar color as the interior trim work.

Get yourself an electrical box, outlet and face for 110 volt and cut an opening in that new face board and mount the box and outlet to it, using some 14 or 12 gauge romex, un cap the current outlet and remove it and wire nut your new box into the wires that originally fed that outlet.

Simply get a cable face plate and drill a large enough hole for the cord to slide through, snug the existing cable to the screw on connection on the back of the new face plate and then install it on the front of the sheet of plywood.

Now, using the tv bracket you chose for your set, use bolts and washers to secure it to the plywood board, install plywood and mount secure, then hang new larger TV and connect it to the electrical outlet and cable outlet you installed on the front panel we made.

As to why the dvd/vcr isn't working, pictures of where its being hooked up would be needed to figure out the puzzle.

Sue and Doug said...

you know sometimes the old saying..if you want something done right you need to do it yourself!..good luck with the installation!