Friday, March 4, 2011

Mirror Mirror On The RV, Why Do You Swivel So?

We received the RV back from the body shop with a loose mirror, they must not have tightened it after they finished painting it so I left it alone because I couldn’t see the nut inside to tighten it down with an open ended wrench, at least I thought that's what I would need. Every time I was at the RV in storage it was so cold I didn’t bother with it.

This last weekend while filling up the tank I ran my finger around the base and found a small opening and you guessed it, the set screw was loose! I broke out my Allen wrench’s and took about 10 seconds to fix the mirror. One less trip to the body shop!

So far I have fixed the AC unit leaking, re-mounted the TV, added a combo VCR/DVD player, fixed the front lights that the dealer installed the wrong bulbs into and wired wrong and now fixed the mirror. Next on the list, tune up the genny and if possible de-winterize and sanitize the water system, oh and possibly replace the house batteries, need to load test them first. 26 days!



Diana said...

It sounds like you are very handy fellow to have around Erik. I'm sure Ronda appreciates that about you.
It seems that no matter how handy us gals are, we are turned off by a guy who isn't handy himself. At least that's been my experience!
It also sounds like April can't get here soon enough for you!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...


Funny thing is, when the pilot light goes out on our furnace she is the one who lights it. I just can't get my fingers to go to the right place!!

I agree though, I think most women like it when a guy is handy. We have to be useful somehow! ;)

Judy and Emma said...

If you're ever bored, you can stop by my rig and tweak a few things for me. A man is certainly handy of he's handy! :)

Merikay said...

We had a rented class C RV with that problem. I remember driving thru the streets of San Francisco holding the mirror in place with one hand. (It was on the passenger side)

Craig stopped and bought a set of allen wrenches as soon as he could.

DeanO said...

It sounds like the fix-it stuff never ends. Our houseboat was like that and come to think of it so was the RV. I'm happy with the simple fix-it projects on the small Pontoon boat. It sounds like you've got the rig almost ready for camping.

I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. figurin' ya could put up a sign just down the road from the RV Repair shop you been a usin'. It should say "RV Repair Shop Repairs Repaired." Looks too me like you could make a nuf money to finance yer summers mobile, mobile homin'.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Judy and Emma, Anytime you're in the area I'll be glad to help out. Just let me know. :)

Merikay, that *&$%# mirror has been driving me crazy everytime I took the RV out to warm it up it would just wiggle around. I should have checked right away since it was so easy to fix, ah well, lessons learned!

DeanO, yeah RV ownership can be a money pit but we hopefully have gotten past the big stuff. Hopefully!

I.M. Vayne, if I thought my back would hold up, I seriously would LOVE to get into the RV business. I love to work on them, maybe my tune will change after we get a full year under our belt, we'll see! But yep, it seems I have had to follow after the repair guys more often than I should have to!