Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Decided On TV Mount!

I swear it was easier to buy the TV when we bought it!! I am going to save some money and not buy a new TV. My wife is going to make a soft storage container from big fluffy towels and when the TV isn’t in use in the rig it will return to bedroom duty. At least until we can afford the TV we want to replace it.

I am going to use a powder coated mount from Bello, model 7440. I chose this because it has a small footprint, leaves just a small plate on the TV itself making it easy to remove and install and it allows me to position the mount up higher so I can make a few shelves for equipment below. Since we’ll never drive with the TV mounted I can position it where ever I want. Smile with tongue out


I also found, thanks to Andy at RV-ADVENTURE BOUND* a 12 volt centric website that I’m going to purchase a few things from, unfortunately 12Volt didn’t have the Bello mount, it did help me figure out which kind I wanted to get. For now though, just going to do a temporary job to get this ready for our upcoming trip. When I buy the wood I’m going to create two panels, one for this coming up trip, $5.00 makes that panel disposable, but I can still re-use it for the shelving later and I’ll start on the permanent panel very soon. I’ll see if I can draw up what this will look like, I have zero artistic skills so don’t grade it! Nyah-Nyah


Diana said...

I love it when people can make do with what they have. Make it work for you Erik, that's what I like!
Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

We have future plans for the RV, I want to install a rear air bag system so I can raise the RV up when we get to driveways that cause the back to drag.

I am keeping this in mind and will make room in this panel for the controller guagues and control switches.

I just wish I had the RV here so I could test fit things. said...

My husband is definitely a 'make do with it' man. He never buys new if something still works.
I just whooshed by to say that you and Ronda are a fantastic double act. I chortled madly at the comment you left on Bodacious Boomer's blog for me. Many thanks indeed.