Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 30 On Victoza

Today marks my 30th day on this new drug for Diabetes called Victoza and my daily numbers have taken a dramatic turn for the better. We also adjusted my diet but I think Victoza is definitely working where Insulin and Byetta did not. While on Insulin and Byetta my A1C hit 14.9, off of these two it dropped to 8.4 and my last A1C was 9.9 so clearly I wasn’t doing very well on my own with pills.

Do I worry about the various side effects of Victoza, heck yes and I definitely have had some of them but in the morning I am under 150 and the highest I have been has been 178 where a month ago my highest number was 485! My average was in the mid to high 200’s. Not good. If I can keep it under 150 and closer to 120 then my A1C should be around 7 or so which will be a fantastic drop.

My next A1C is at the end of April and starting tomorrow night I’ll be hitting the treadmill and mountain bike to up my miles from my current 3 to around 5 miles per day. That should also help reduce my average. My blood pressure is 114 over 74 and I’m hoping if I can get my A1C down I’ll be able to reduce my Diabetic pill’s that I also take right now.

One day at a time and I feel pretty positive about it, I have a Trek 800 Mountain Track bike hanging from the garage ceiling, it’s probably the most pristine 1997 Trek 800 on the planet, wanna guess why? It probably has less than 50 miles on it! It looks like I just bought it!

I’m going to buy new tires and tubes, hopefully it won’t need rims and it will go with me on our trips this year. If it needs rims I may be better off buying a new bike. Crying face I’ll find out this weekend when I dig into it and tune it up.


DeanO said...

Erik - I can't think back to when the last time I rode a bicycle; maybe college. I should get a mountain bike as I understand they are good exercise. Good luck with the medicine routine.

Eduardo said...

Just take it to a bike shop for a tune up. You may not need to replace the tires or tubes.

Erik's RV Blog said...


They are great but the seats stink, I need to upgrade the seat. I am looking forward to my first ride, I haven't touched this bike since 1999! They have seats now where there is a shock absorber built into the mount so I'm looking forward to trying that out.

Eduardo, I can tune it up no problem but it does look like I need at least tires.

Rae said...

It's good to hear you are doing well with the new drug. The side effects sound kind of worrisome though. I would not be a candidate for it. I am anxious to hear how you progress with it.

Big Matt said...

Wow, and I felt guilty for my bike sitting for years with 3100 miles on the odometer....

Diana said...

I'm so glad your new medication is working so far Erik!
My bike is sitting in the basement right now. Just waiting. I tried riding it down there but only managed to hit my head! Love Di ♥

Erik's RV Blog said...

Rae, yeah the drug is potent and takes some getting used to for sure. We'll see how the next 2 months goes.

Matt, well, what can I say, work 18 hours a day, you have to really decide what you're going to do with what little time off you have. Now that I have been able to scale back, I hope to catch up on some personal time.

Diana, my bike has been hanging up from the same spot for 12 years. I just hope the wheels aren't warped! :)

Margie and Roger said...

So glad you are doing well being diabetic and getting your numbers down. Roger is diabetic and it is such a struggle, but he does pretty well - his A1C is always 6 point something, always under 7.0. He says he feels best at 130, although he knows his doctor wants it lower. I get really scared when it goes really low - that has happened a couple of times.

Keep up the good work - you want to live to old age so you can enjoy this RVing lifestyle.