Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update From The New Auto Body Shop

I just talked with Marengo Auto Body, they are the ones re-doing the work that the RV dealership did wrong. Unfortunately State Farm did not approve replacing the windshield gaskets so I told the body shop I would call State Farm and try to get that approved since I believe the dealership used either generic gaskets or just installed it wrong. Either way, I don’t want the gasket re-used so I may have to pay for the new one.

They are going to hunt down the leaks but right now they think both are coming from the windshields so hopefully this gets resolved. State Farm told me if the leaks are from the windshields then any damage inside will be covered as well, thank God. This has been an ordeal so far and State Farm has been awesome!

Here is a picture of the passenger side after a good 3 hours of rain. It took us 3 days to dry this up completely! After talking with one of the owners of the shop I feel better that they will be able to fix this. Thumbs up

At least they’ll try, the dealer that did the work didn’t bother checking for leaks. It frustrates me that companies/people don’t care enough about their customer to try and do the job properly. Disappointed smile

Passenger Side Leak

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