Tuesday, November 9, 2010

RV Issues, Dealer Issues, Storage Issues, Dolly Issues

We bought the RV back on July 1st, that very weekend I had to repair the headlights, leaking AC unit and compile a list of repairs we wanted fixed and the dealer promised they would handle all of them. Also, we received a 4 year 18,000 mile warranty with the RV. When we finally picked up our RV to take it home we chose Barrington RV in Bartlett, IL to store the rig.

It was there less than a week when it got damaged by somebody spinning their tires and spraying the RV with rocks which chipped the front end and also chipped the windshields. Long story short the owner of the dealership denied it could have happened there so we took the RV home and searched for a new place to store it. We chose the dealership we bought the RV from to do the repairs. Another long story short the dealership did the work improperly and now we have leaks on both driver and passenger sides. So, we now have the RV at yet another location to get this work done completely over again plus getting the new windshields re-installed. Stay tuned for how this turns out, so much for stress reduction.


We can’t forget about the dolly we purchased to tow our Ford Escape. I bought the ACME EZE Tow Dolly because it has disc brakes and a 5 year warranty. We received the dolly on a truck that had no way to remove it from the front of the truck easily, plus the crate was damaged but the dolly looked ok as far as we could tell. After a half hour of the driver and me moving this thing so we could get it onto the gate to be lowered down we finally got it off the truck. I assembled it and wired it and we headed off to Iowa and Minnesota for a long weekend. Sometime after 9pm the tail lights completely disintegrated so the next morning I checked them out and found they were just very cheap lights with no bolts holding them together, just plastic tabs. I worked out a deal with the owner of ACME and I went to Farm and Fleet and bought sturdy LED lights and he paid me back for them. Since then it has worked fine, for the few times we have been able to go anywhere. The season is over now so the RV is at the body shop waiting for State Farm to complete the estimate for re-doing the entire job that the dealership body shop did wrong.

Here is a short list of issues:

1. Caulked front cap seam prior to clear coating, then clear coating over this caulk (which got dirty in the process) sealing in the dirt and insuring the clear coat will have issues as the caulk ages.

2. Clear coated over 11 year old vinyl stripes, one of which was cracking badly insuring that as the vinyl contracts more as it ages it will cause issues with the clear coat.

3. Improper installation of both driver and passenger side windshields. While driving you can actually hear both windshields shifting and bumping. From the outside you can now see the drivers side sitting lower than the passenger side.

The owner of the dealership instead of offering to fix everything said he no longer wanted me as his customer. So, my lawyer is going over what my options are. When things get settled I’ll post more information.

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