Monday, November 15, 2010

Our Dream RV…. 2006 Travel Supreme Select

My favorite Class A’s are typically Tiffin, high end Holiday Rambler, Foretravel etc..Add Travel Supreme to the list. This one is used of course and I can see places that need to be cleaned but the layout is exactly what the DW and I dream of. If we were to go fulltime some day it will be in something like this. Of course by the time we’re ready, probably 15 years or so these rigs will be much different, if they exist at all new, who knows but we can dream and it’s something to work towards. 



PA213572 PA213632

PA223723 PA223719


PA223760 PA223813

PA223838 PA223851

PA223898 PA223922

This beauty isn’t as nice as the HR Navigator I found this morning but the layout is similar as is the price. If the DW and I work smarter than we have in the past something like this should become reality.


Margie and Roger said...

Wow! You have big dreams for your future RV - never give up those dreams. Great MH choices too.

Erik's RV Blog said...


Yeah, well we know we will likely not end up getting something as nice as the one I posted about but we hope that we end up buying one that suits our needs for going full time. I figure 15 years will change how these RV's are designed so who knows what they'll be like?

I would be VERY happy with a Phaeton or Allegro Bus. Time will tell. ;)

Big Matt said...

Now, that thing is one serious boat!