Sunday, November 28, 2010

Office Bonus – GPS & Backup Camera

I have been going back and forth about which GPS to get, if any for the RV. We have been using my wife's Garmin 1490T which is excellent however offers no narrow road warnings, low bridge or other RV/Trucker type settings. So I have been doing research and found the Garmin 465T and Tele Type WorldNav 7300 HD. What I like about the Garmin is, it’s a Garmin, the models I have used over the years have been excellent however I have read negatives about this model. I don’t care about Bluetooth or MP3 or any of the other crap they pollute devices with.

What I like about the WorldNav 7300 is it has a 7” screen, a lot of RV settings, more than the Garmin and it has backup camera capabilities. So I’ll forgive this device this one extravagance. Angel  Our rig has a backup camera and it works fine however in low light it’s only so so. There is a low lux color camera option for the 7300 that will give me more capabilities for parking the rig if I decide to take the rig out on my own. I’m half tempted to install it as a passenger side camera, I could get two sets of cables and put it where it’s needed, just not sure how to mount it on the side, I’ll figure that out when it comes in.

The unknown is how good is the 7300? There are no actual reviews yet but some people have written good things so if I’m going to get it, it has to be now so I’m going for it.




Andy said...

If you like this unit I will get one too. I don't have the backup camera so it would be ideal for me.

Erik's RV Blog said...

Nobody has them in stock so I am trying to order the GPS unit from Rat Shack since they have the best price. I'm going to order the camera from Tele Type directly.

I'm looking forward to seeing how well this unit works.


Erik's RV Blog said...

I received the equipment today. I'll post about it tonight when I get a chance to actually use it for the first time. I love the size though, will be very easy to read.