Saturday, November 27, 2010

Great Post Idea From Andy

First, I want to say thanks for posting a comment and following us! Second, you posted the new name of your rig “Dora” and it reminded me that the wife named ours after it’s Holiday Rambler model name “Endeavor” because of the journey we are on. Holiday Rambler was kind enough to put the name right on the RV, how nice of them!

Here is a plug for Andy’s blog “RV-ADVENTURE-BOUND” and here is a picture of his very nice rig. Thanks for stopping by Andy!


Andy said...

Hey Erik,

I didn't visit to get a plug, but thanks for the kind words.

Best of luck with your adventure.


Erik's RV Blog said...

My pleasure, anytime I find something worth plugging I do it. ;)

Good luck with the new to you rig!