Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog Changes – Bye Bye Ham Radio Blog

Margie made a suggestion that I separate the RV Blog from the Ham Radio Blog. I was thinking about that when I deleted a large amount of my older posts. There is no sense to having such different conversations going on in the same blog.

I’m going to leave the old posts where they are though and not create a new Ham Radio Blog. One thing I have gotten from the Ham Radio side is negativity, which is unfortunate but it’s true so I have pretty much just settled into using the expensive gear for listening to foreign broadcasts and once in awhile talking on 2 meters. I’ll likely bring a radio with when we head out in the RV and I’ll probably bring that up a few times going forward but I doubt I’ll be talking on the frequencies a Tech is allowed on anymore. All I hear these days are contesters which is as boring as watching grass grow.

I don’t mean any dis-respect to any Amateur Radio people out there and maybe that hobby just isn’t suited to me as much as I had hoped it would be. Maybe using some of the gear while in different campgrounds will open the hobby back up to me, we’ll see. For now though, this is it for the Ham Blog, signing off and 73’s to anybody who knows what that means. Smile


Anonymous said...

I think you should give ham radio another shot. The jerks are always the ones who talk the loudest and most often so thats why you hear them so often on the bands. Give it another try!


Erik's RV Blog said...


I wasn't as clear as I should have been. I like Ham Radio, A LOT, and I agree that the jerks are the only ones I really hear it seems, or the contesters and it really takes away from the hobby.

My other issue is to have any real fun in this hobby you really need to put some time in, also you keep buying equipment to tinker with and it can take a lot of money to keep yourself interested.

Thanks for the post and 73's,