Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Post – Positive Feedback For Once!

I looked back at my blog and found that it is full of negative blogs. Owning this RV has been stressful and it seems every step of the way has been a battle so I felt it was time to post some positive things that have happened along the way. The very first dealership we dealt with was Abel RV in Bartlett, IL and we dealt with Tom Deters who was friendly and actually followed up with us on his day off. He has been the ONLY salesman we have dealt with that seemed to try and sell us only what we were interested in. At no time did he try and sell us something that was over our budget. When we are in the market for a newer or new RV he will be the guy we talk to.

The very first campground we went to we felt no other choice in going to because the dealership had not completed the repair items yet and they were the closest place we could go to. It turns out this worked out for the best because the Geneseo Campground was great! The owners Craig and Shari Weber are friendly and take very good care of the campground and facilities. We have stayed in sites #32, #33 (3 times) and #5 and had a great time each time. For some reason each time we went there save for one there was intense thunderstorms so we felt like we cursed the place or something. Our last outing there was in site #5 and the weather was perfect, it was also the last outing for the year so I’m glad we were there to end it.

This picture is from our first time camping on July 1st at site # 32. I don’t have a picture of the main entrance because the bridge is under construction and we always had to drive straight in.

Next up is the Sugar Shores RV Resort in Durand, IL.

This picture is from our first trip there on 8/28/10. This place is very large, they have lots for sale at reasonable prices and the people are very friendly.

This last picture is while we were camping with my brother Steinar and his wife Penny at Paul Wolff in West Dundee, IL on 7/25/10. I had just spent the entire day detailing the outside of the RV, at this point the camera felt like it weighed 5lbs, I was so tired. My brother was reading the manual for his RV and we just found out he was given the wrong one, so nothing matched the instructions, that was a fun day! Smile with tongue out

Here is another picture from that day and shows the Coachman Classic my brother and his wife had just purchased. It’s an oldie but a goodie! They completely detailed the interior that day and have since detailed the exterior. We hope to have it polished up real good for Spring time.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Your rigs look good you can be proud of your handiwork, Don't judge all our neighbors to the north by one idiot, we have many blog friends from Canada and they have more than proven to be great friends and people.You are already finding out that Rv'ers for the most part are great people. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

Erik's Ham Radio and RV Blog said...

Sam & Donna,

Agreed 100%, unfortunately this one person posted dozens of very vulger comments so while I like our neighbors from the north this one perosn has made it impossible to leave comments open.

Maybe someday I'll open it up and we'll see what happens.

RV'ers have been fantastic and we look forward to the next season!

Safe travels.