Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hilberling PT-8000 series of HF/VHF-Transceivers - no more

So, while at Dayton this year I saw a demonstration of this new German Ham radio. The quality was obviously German, through the roof one hell of a well made radio. Cost, between $12,000 and $16,000 so clearly out of my league, for now.

While browsing the web to learn more about properly grounding my shack I chanced upon this note from Hans Hilberling found here ->

"Message from Hans Hilberling
I regret to announce today that Hilberling GmbH has cancelled the production of the PT-8000 series of transceivers.I am really sorry that this will cause disappointment on your side. Let me explainbrieflywhat had led to this decision:

Hilberling had to counteract continuously obstacles to meet EU wide requirements. This has forced us multiple times to change the design of this high-end transceiver which often has been in conflict to our design goals. We finally could meet all our design numbers within a few prototypes but we and the numerous suppliers were not able to guarantee these numbers for the line production. Measures that would have to be taken to guarantee the specifications are in no way cost effective.

All this has led to the a.m. decision to put everything on hold.
Hilberling apologises for any inconvenience you had. We deeply appreciated the confidenceyou demonstrated for the PT-8000 series of HF/VHF-Transceivers.

Hans Hilberling July 24, 2008"

While there I picked up a brochure and felt maybe someday down the road it would be nice to see about these radios. Sadly they won't be made. I wonder whats going to happen to the ones I saw? Maybe Hans will use them and now I have a brochure for something that will never be.

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