Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Zenith 12S267 Ready For Shipping!

The shipping company picked up the radio on 6/26/16. It is scheduled to ship out today 7/5/16, not sure why it's taking them so long but here are the pictures.

I hope it shows how awesome this radio looks. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

12S267 Is Sold!

I'm sad to say my beautiful 1938 Zenith 12S267 has been sold!
The shipping company should be here in a few days to pick it up for its trip to NY.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

12S267 Pictures & Video

I received a few responses for the 12S267 and wanted to post some pictures and video. The video turned out to be 3gigs, holy crow! So I had to edit it and post it via YouTube since Blogger has a limit of 100megs. Clearly I won't be getting a job as a photographer or video editor any time soon.

I took nearly 60 pictures, my Cannon T3i is a pain to get good pictures from, I'm sure its me but I tried every setting I could find, 90% of the time on auto it couldn't finish the focus... drove me crazy.

I didn't polish the radio, it does need to be polished and gone over from top to bottom with the appropriate wax. The curves had a few spots that had some cracking in year one and never went further, I tried to capture them in the side front pictures.

The radio displays beautifully, if it sells I'm going to miss it, the other one sold back in 2012, if this one goes I won't have any more rare consoles.

12S267 Front

Top Front
(You're not seeing scratches or cracks, it needs to be waxed )

Front Bottom

Right Front Top

Right Front Bottom

Left Front Corner (camera refused to focus!! so I switch to my cell phone) The LED light of the camera changes the color of the pillars. I can't seem to get it sharp without the flash.

Left Side

Left Bottom

Back Top Interior

Back Bottom Speaker Baffle

Video of the radio working, hopefully it shows just how well this radio plays and tunes stations in with just a 5ft wire hung up by the window. I finally got YouTube to encode this as HD, finally.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lemon Law Finding's

In Illinois the consumer is told they have rights, but the truth is, in fact they do not. RV lemon law means you have a very short time to vet the RV. If in that time you do not have 3 attempts performed and logged you're SOL.

Since the dealer had the rig for 6 months during each off-season we passed the "statute of limitations" for filing a lemon law suit. So, they treat the RV like a car, you have to use it everyday and have a loss of that usage and time in the repair center to get results. Since the RV is a seasonal vehicle ours sat at the dealer for each off-season so repairs could be made but that time counted against us.

I am filing a complaint against Keystone and Lippert with the BBB and you know what, THEY DON'T CARE, Keystone has 480 and counting, Lippert has zero.

EDIT: just received a call from the dealer, they were told by Keystone and Lippert the issues are almost three years old so they can't do anything, even thought the answer is in the statement itself "the issues are three years old!!!!" This is like dealing with car manufacturers in the 1970's!! Lousy 1 year warranties for product built like crap and they know if they hold things off for long enough you have no leg to stand on.

The dealer states they can install a completely different leveling system based on the "Equalizer" system for $5,000 and instead of mid level jacks which are considered grade c (wouldn't that have been nice to know before the purchase?!?!??) the Equalizer jacks are grade A and will never have this problem.

My wife and I are going to compile a timeline and go over all receipts and dealer tickets since we bought the RV. We are then going to file complaints against all and let the chips fall where they may, we are also going to contact a lawyer to see if we can file a breach of contract against Keystone.

I'll post again when I know more.

Monday, May 23, 2016

RV Repairs Update

This is an update about rig after the repairs were completed prior to this season and using it for over a month.

1. Landing Jacks popping, pure silence for the first month, then yesterday we heard popping from 4 out of the 6 jacks so instead of just the front, now the front and the middle jacks pop.

2. Tank valves continue to work fine, I'll be dumping tanks this Thursday so we'll see how it goes then.

3. Tanks leaking, so far so good on this.

4. Losing power in the kitchen island, so far so good

5. Front LED's, this repair was never done right, I verified they are connected properly but some of the new LED's are already failing, again. Made in China, say no more.

6. Main AC unit, I have found a guy who can make a self contained $1,500.00 disposable AC unit repairable. We may have him come out next week, depends on leveling system.

7. Bulging storage door, the new door looks fine but no longer locks on the left side, looks like an alignment problem. I'm going to try and repair this Friday.

8. Returning issue, the new kitchen counter looks like it may have been repaired instead of replaced, the repair looks to have changed color and looks like goop now. I'll take a picture and post the before and after, sending this info to the dealer later today.

The main system that levels the rig cannot be allowed to fail, if it does it can cause damage to the chassis and everything above it, which is everything.

I just called the dealer to report the return of the popping, the service writer that handled this is no longer there so I explained the issues to the new writer, he is going to look into it. I called Lippert and they claim NOBODY has opened a ticket with them regarding our VIN number so we have to start fresh. I got a ticket number started and I'm calling a lemon law attorney to see if we have a case.

I've been nice thus far, now I'm going to see if the law can help me force Keystone to make it right or be forced to take it back.