Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Leased A New Car - 2016 Ford Edge

I decided to trade in my 2013 Ford Taurus Limited which has been the best car I have ever owned. I traded it because of the great deal I was able to get and to get more room and also because I can step down from the new car and I had to step up from the Taurus. Something that bothered my knees pretty often.

The new car is a 2016 Ford Edge SEL AWD. The color is "Too Good To Be Blue!" it changes colors depending on the sun or darkness. It doesn't have all of the fancy toys that the Taurus had, so I don't get adaptive cruise control or air conditioned seats, both of which I'll miss but weren't needed. I also don't get the 20" spoke wheels that I loved on the Taurus, the Edge has 18" wheels which offer a better ride. It also has all wheel drive, which I will never do without again.

Also, my payment went down which was important and I now have Sync 3! This is a major upgrade from My Ford Touch which was ok to at times horrible. Especially the Navigation, if it lost the route it would drive you insane. Sync 3 adjusts on the fly and is instant, no waiting for anything, press to do something and it instantly happens.

I got the Edge on April 14th, and on April 14th of 2019 I will be trading it in and either walking away with no car payments, buying a cheap used car or leasing a 2019 Ford that I'll figure out prior to that date, until then I'm going to enjoy this fantastic new SUV!


Douglass said...

I really like the Ford model but there's a lot of good cars in similar makes and price ranges. What were some of the features that drew you to this one? And, might I ask, what other cars did you consider? A lot of people have been mentioning Kia and I was curious where that one stood in terms of comparison.

Douglass @ Viva Kia

Erik's RV Blog said...

KIA wasn't in my radar, in my time on this earth, people I know who owned one, never will again. My mother tried to take hers in under extended warranty, items specifically mentioned in the warranty had to be fought for, we hired a lawyer and her car got "fixed" then rinse repeat several times before she gave up and bought a Ford.

I will never, ever own a KIA in my lifetime, I made this promise about GM back in 1982 and have never bought one since, and never will. I have been buying new Ford's since 1984 because every single one has lasted, been very good about repair, when repair was needed they didn't fight you, they fixed it.

I considered Lincoln, I love their MKX, which will be the one I get next in 2019.

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