Friday, May 6, 2016


UPDATE on repairs since the last post on April 17th:

I have purposely not dumped the tanks yet, so far the external valve shows nothing has leaked through which is a good sign, but then I have not used the valves yet. Regarding the front LED's, a few of them have already started failing, great quality.... said nobody. When we get to the rig tonight I will be checking for valve leakage, water on the belly and to see if our newest issue is still there. I'm also going to do a full dumping of the tanks, we'll see how well the new valves work, considering their cost they better be like butter. I want to have a positive attitude, but.... well....shit...

New issue... 

The dining room slide went out normally last weekend however, when I went outside to see if all of the seals were even I saw this gap. I took a deep breath and thought, well, shit.... by Sunday it had mostly returned to normal hugging the side of the slide but of course it rained all weekend so I had to pray the seal behind this seal was doing its job, we'll see. I may look up how much the new seal costs and attempt to replace it myself. 3 seasons and possible seal replacement would have shocked me but hey, this is a Keystone product, anything is possible.

One of the repairs included adding a special additive to the hydraulic fluid to help prevent the popping issues. Keystone and Collier blame the slight slope of our site for the issues. I walked around the campground, most have a similar angle none report issues with hydraulic's, one of them is a Rosewood, no issues, of course.

Keystone called me on Wednesday 05/04/16. I thought wow maybe they do care, until he started talking, this isn't word for word but close enough since I didn't record the conversation.

Rep - "I was calling to find out if the repairs had been completed"
Me - "Yes they have minus the main AC"
Rep - "Ok, thank you"
Me - "Is that it? Do you want to know if the repairs were done properly?"
Rep - "Sure"
Me - "I'm not sure yet, we haven't used it enough, we just got it back"
Rep - "Ok, well that's all I needed, we wanted to make sure we did our part"
Me - "You're part? You literally did nothing, we have had these problems since new, this cost me a boatload and Keystone didn't do anything"
Rep - "Well the purpose of this call was to make sure we followed up"
Me - "CLICK"

I hung up on him, I rarely hang up on people as I find it rude but in this case, it was either that or start screaming into the phone that Keystone RV sucks nuts, build's RV's like crap and I will NEVER, EVER buy another product made by any of the many companies they build products for.

Check out this link, incredible how bad this company is, if I can prevent a person from wasting their money on a Keystone I'll be happy.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

You have to get the Indiana Better Business Bureau involved. You have heard of the Lemmon Law for cars well it applies for RVs as well. The BS the manufacture said this and the dealer said that. screw it all. You haven't had decent unit since you bought it and it should have a manufacturers warranty of at least two years. Put that frustration to work starting with an online complaint. Write down dates and complaints and if they were or were not rectified. The sooner the better the clock is ticking.
I had a simple issue with the fridge door falling off in the outdoor kitchen. I only wanted new hinges and I was told that I wasn't supposed to use that fridge. ???? Within twenty-eight hours of my complaint Keystone coughed up a new fridge.
I've also heard from other people with similar complaints with the other manufacturers. Shop wisely and don't take any crap.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease and the louder it is the faster it is taken care of.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.

Erik's RV Blog said...

I have been doing some research on lemon law, also, the factory warranty is a year and up here that means 6 months since we have winter. I am not sitting on my hands, we are talking to a lawyer to see what our options are.

Allison said...

We had a 2009 3000RK rear kitchen 5th wheel. We went through FOUR kitchen grey tanks (there were two grey tanks, one black). At one point our service writer tried to tell us that holding tanks were supposed to leak a little. I asked him if that was also true for the black tanks. Anyway, after the fourth tank we just left the grey open all the time so it wouldn't get the belly board wet. We traded it for a Class A. I will NEVER buy a Keystone product again. They were rude, arrogant and seemed to think none of the other issues were a big deal. Those included the pocket door at the top of the stairs falling out, gas water heater wouldn't light, toilet wouldn't hold water and on and on. Good luck to you what ever you decide to do.

Erik's RV Blog said...


Ours is a 2013 model 3725RL, it also has two gray tanks and one black, it leaked onto the belly pan which I constantly had to drain off and the valves were bad from day one.

I agree, Keystone is a bad company and we will never buy from them again. We switched from a Class A to the Fifth Wheel and will be switching back as soon as we are financially able to do so.

Our pocket door had to be replaced, they replaced it with a faulty one, it was obviously faulty, they used it anyway. They do the least possible to when the rig goes off warranty they charge you for issues that were there since it was under warranty.

I'm glad you were able to get out from under a bad rig, we hope to be able to as well soon!